What is Aetna headquarters address?

Hartford, CT

Where is Aetna Insurance located?

Hartford, Connecticut

Type Subsidiary
Founded May 28, 1853 (as Aetna Life Insurance Company)
Founder Eliphalet Adams Bulkeley
Headquarters Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.
Area served United States and expatriots

How do I contact Aetna provider relations?

Aetna Medical and Aetna Behavioral Health: 1-888-632-3862. Aetna Medicare Advantage: 1-800-624-0756.

How do I submit a claim to Aetna?

How to submit a claim online

  1. Click “Claims Center,” then “Submit claims”
  2. Complete your claim online.
  3. Copy, scan and upload your supporting documents, including itemized bills, original receipts.
  4. Click “submit claim” to complete the process.

Where is Humana Insurance headquarters?

Louisville, KY

How do I find my Aetna ID number?

Most people use their Member ID. You can find your Member ID on your ID card, Welcome Letter, or any EOB we sent to you.

Where do I find my Aetna member ID?

Is mail handlers insurance part of Aetna?

The Mail Handlers Benefit Plan (MHBP) has been serving federal and postal employees for over 50 years. Aetna administers the MHBP, whose plan options include Self Only, Self Plus One, and Self and Family – similar to FEHB.

How do I change my Aetna provider address?

It’s easy to update a provider address, phone number, fax number, email address or initiate an out-of-state move or a change in provider group….Transplant program – 1-877-212-8811 (TTY: 711)

  1. Check coverage and benefits.
  2. View Claim status.
  3. Request Authorization.

Can I submit Aetna claims online?

Submitting your claims electronically is quick, convenient and easy. Choose the option that works best for you.

What is the address for Aetna pharmacy?

Aetna Member Services Aetna Address for Member Services; Corporate Headquarters: 151 Farmington Avenue Hartford, CT 06156: Aetna addresses for Pharmacy: Aetna Pharmacy Claims: Aetna Pharmacy Management PO Box 52444 Phoenix, AZ 85072-2444 Mail order drug ordering address: Aetna Rx Home Delivery PO Box 417019 Kansas City, MO 64179-9892

Where do I submit my Aetna Insurance claims?

For below plans submitt to the following address: Aetna Address for Claims Submitting; For all Aetna Student Health and Medicare Plans use: PO Box 191106 El Paso, TX, 79998-1106: For all Aetna Voluntary and Limited Benefits Plans use: PO Box 14079 Lexington, KY 40512-4079

What is Aetna Medicare provider phone number?

Aetna Medicare Prime Plan (PPO) Aetna Provider Phone Number for below listed plans – 888-632-3862. Aetna Select. Elect Choice. HMO (Member ID starts with W) Quality Point of Service (Member ID starts with W) Managed Choice POS. Aetna Health Network Only. Aetna Open Access Elect Choice.

How do I contact Aetna better health of Kentucky?

Aetna Better Health of Kentucky’s standard contacts are listed below: Aetna Better Health contacts Toll-free Fax Provider Services CICR (Claims Inquiry and claims research) 1-855-300-5528 Prior Authorization – Behavioral Health 1-888-604-6106 1-855-301-1564 A. This section relates to information about the covered person.