What is a fraternity housing corporation?

The house corporation plays a very important role in the continued existence and well being of a chapter in the Fraternity. ❖ Hires and supervises all chapter employees ❖ Serves in an advisory role to or as an alumni support group for the undergraduate chapter.

Is Delta Gamma a party sorority?

The following are among the largest national sororities that are members of the National Panhellenic Conference, an umbrella organization comprising 26 member groups….Sorority Reputations.

Sorority Name Tier Stereotype
Delta Gamma mid supportive, active in campus activities, classy, focused on “girl power,” not partyers

Is Delta Gamma a frat or sorority?

Delta Gamma (ΔΓ), commonly known as DG, is a sorority in the United States and Canada with over 250,000 initiated members. It has 151 collegiate chapters in the United States and Canada and more than 200 alumnae groups. The organization’s executive office is in Columbus, Ohio.

Why does DG have an anchor?

The original pin of the Fraternity was the letter “H,” which the Founders meant to stand for hope. In 1877, the Fraternity adopted the anchor as our symbol, the age-old symbol for hope.

How much are dues for Kappa Alpha Theta?

How much does it cost to join? The one-time cost of membership in Kappa Alpha Theta Life Loyal is $299. Our 50-year plus members can join for a one-time cost of $189. Please remember that Life Loyal members do not pay annual alumnae dues to the Fraternity.

What is a Theta house?

Kappa Alpha Theta (ΚΑΘ) is a University-owned Sorority house with 57 residents. Because not all active members live in the house, both house staff and the Theta Executive board are focused on the whole chapter and not just the sophomores and seniors that typically live in the house.

What is the Delta Gamma flower?

Our Symbols Our symbol is the anchor, the age-old symbol for hope. Our flower is the cream-colored rose. Our colors are bronze, pink and blue, the meanings of which are known only to members.

Is Delta Gamma a professional organization?

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education. FIND A CHAPTER NEAR YOU! DKG is a professional honor society of key women educators worldwide.

What colleges have Delta Gamma?

United States

State University Chapter
California University of California Berkeley Omicron
California University of Southern California Delta Alpha
California University of California Los Angeles Delta Epsilon
California San Diego State University Delta Eta

What is the flower of Delta Gamma?

What does Kappa Alpha Theta do?

Theta provides growth and opportunities for young women that promote academic excellence and the widest influence for good, namely CASA, Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation, and the Friendship Fund. The Fraternity is a not-for-profit Indiana corporation with Kappa Alpha Theta headquarters located in Indianapolis, Ind.

What is the Fraternity Housing Corporation?

Delta Gamma established the Fraternity Housing Corporation in 1989 as an independent incorporated entity that assists local house corporations with everything from budgeting to financial analysis, to human resources, tax preparation and accounts payable and receivable.

What is a Delta Gamma house Corporation?

Most Delta Gamma collegiate chapters have a local house corporation, made up of collegiate chapter officers and alumnae volunteers. Regional Housing Specialists, the Director of Housing Development and the Director of Housing Resources also support local house corporations.

What is Delta Gamma fraternity?

We are Delta Gamma Fraternity, a Greek women’s organization here to “Do Good” and focused on hope. We were founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi by three young women who were unable to go home during a Christmas holiday. Together they formed a club that now has more than 250,000 members.

What is the Fraternity Management Corporation?

In 2014, Delta Gamma created the Fraternity Management Corporation (FMC), which is also an independent incorporated entity. The FMC serves the unique role of assisting chapters without chapter housing and without local housing volunteers.