What if kappa and lambda ratio is high?

FREE KAPPA/LAMBDA RATIO * . 26-‐1.65 The ratio of kappa to lambda is an important indicator. When one level (kappa or lambda)is high and the other is low, this is an indication that myeloma is active. If both kappa and lambda are increased, it can show a disease other than myeloma (like kidney disease).

What does high kappa and lambda light chains mean?

Increased kappa free light chains and an increased kappa/lambda ratio may be seen with plasma cell disorders that produce excess monoclonal kappa light chains. Increased lambda free light chains and a decreased kappa/lambda ratio may be seen with plasma cell disorders that produce excess monoclonal lambda light chains.

Does kappa or lambda rearrange first?

The kappa chain locus is generally rearranged before the lambda chain locus, the latter only initiating rearrangement if the kappa locus rearrangements have failed to generate a productive join.

What is a bad Kappa Lambda ratio?

Normal range: 0.26-1.65. An abnormal kappa/lambda ratio may indicate excess production of the kappa or lambda light chain due to multiple myeloma.

What is an abnormal kappa lambda ratio?

An abnormal kappa-lambda FLC ratio indicates an excess of one light chain type versus the other, and is interpreted as a surrogate for clonal expansion based on extensive testing in healthy volunteers, and patients with myeloma, amyloidosis, and renal dysfunction.

What does Kappa Lambda ratio mean?

The ratio or proportion between the kappa and lambda light chains indicates an excess production of one chain over the other, and therefore can be used as an indication of disease progression or remission.

What is a bad Kappa-Lambda ratio?

What is an abnormal kappa-lambda ratio?

How high can kappa light chains go?

3.3 to 19.4 mg/L kappa free light chains. 5.71 to 26.3 mg/L lambda free light chains. 0.26 to 1.65 ratio of kappa/lambda.

What is the difference between kappa and lambda light chains?

The genes encoding the two light chain isotypes are located on separate chromosomes. Kappa gene segments are encoded on chromosome 2 (7) comprising 52 V genes and 5 J genes (8), whereas lambda gene segments are encoded on chromosome 22 (9) comprising 30 V genes and 7 J genes (10).