What happens to Hinata in Naruto the last movie?

Hinata sheds a tear over her regret about “betraying” Naruto. Invading Toneri’s castle, Sakura and Sai secure Hanabi while Shikamaru holds off Toneri’s puppets. Naruto saves Hinata and her attempt to stop Toneri for gaining the Tenseigan. During the final credits, Naruto and Hinata marry in front of their friends.

Is Hinata still a Hyuga?

Family. Hinata Uzumaki (うずまきヒナタ, Uzumaki Hinata, née Hyūga (日向)) is a kunoichi and the former heiress of the Hyūga clan. Because of her meek disposition, her father doubted that she was suited for the responsibilities of leading the clan, much less life as a ninja, leading him to disinherit her.

How old is Hinata Hyuga in the last?

‘Naruto’ Profile: Hinata Hyuga

editHinata Hyūga
Birthdate December 27
Sex Female
Age Part I: 12–13 Part II: 16

Does Hinata come back?

Pain kills her, Naruto goes into Nine-Tails form. He defeats Pain, and Pain revives everyone that was killed during his attack. Hinata was brought back and healed by Sakura.

Did Hinata left Naruto?

Hinata chose to left Naruto and went with Toneri because.. Hinata and the others doesn’t know where Toneri’s castle in which Hanabi is in. She did that to save her sister. And to learn what other future plans Toneri intends to do.

How many times has Hana Hinata been in Naruto?

Hinata has appeared several times in the series’ feature films, most notably The Last: Naruto the Movie (2014), which revolves around her relationship with Naruto.

Who is the voice of Hinata in the anime?

Hinata’s design has been modified by Kishimoto throughout the franchise’s story in order to fit the character’s growth. She is voiced by Nana Mizuki in the original animated series and Stephanie Sheh in the English adaptations.

What is Hinata’s outfit in the last movie?

In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Hinata’s mission attire is a light lavender, sleeveless kimono-style blouse with vertical lines, tied with a dark purple obi around her waist. She wears a pair of short dark navy shorts with thigh-high stockings and has changed her regular ninja sandals to black high-heeled boots.

What is the error code for Hinata Hyuga?

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