What happened to Dr Grant on Eureka?

Dr. At the end of the episode, Dr. Grant is in 2010 Eureka, and it is assumed he was transported there accidentally with Jack’s device; however, it is later revealed that he took the time travel device on purpose and reconfigured it to work for him.

Who played Charles Grant in Eureka?

James Callis
Callis at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con
Born James Nicholas Callis 4 June 1971 Hampstead, London, England
Nationality British
Education Harrow School

What is James Callis doing now?

Nowadays, Callis is best known for lending his voice to Alucard in Netflix’s Castlevania. He also stars in MacGyver and Blood & Treasure. Next, Callis will be seen in Break Even.

Who plays Gaius Baltar?

James CallisBattlestar Galactica
Gaius Baltar/Voiced by

An award-winning stage actor in his native England, James Callis was a veteran of film, television and stage before he accepted the role of Dr. Gaius Baltar on the revamped and acclaimed “Battlestar Galactica” (The Sci Fi Channel, 2004-09).

What happened to Allison’s son on Eureka?

Kevin was diagnosed with autism. He was infused with the artifact in Season 1. This infusion causes him to begin changing in Season 2 (much the way Carl Carlson began to change, albeit at a much slower rate).

Is Holly really dead on Eureka?

Marten became one of the candidates for the Astraeus Mission herself and eventually earned a spot on the crew. At that point, Senator Wen (revealed to be the traitor) unplugs Holly’s mind from the constructed virtual Eureka, murdering her.

Who played Beverly on Eureka?

Debrah FarentinoEureka
Beverly Barlowe/Played by

Who played Lucas on Eureka?


Character Portrayed by Seasons
Lucas Vanya Asher
Kevin Blake Meshach Peters Recurring
Trevor Jackson

What is Jamie Bamber doing now?

JAMIE BAMBER NOW Now 47-years-old and married with three daughters (including twins) he’s branched out into other mediums. His movie work includes Before I Sleep, John Doe: Vigilante, The Better Half, Numb, A Christmas in New York, and Inferno: Skyscraper Escape.

Who played Emile Bonnaire?

James Callis
James Callis played Emile Bonnaire in the first series episode, Commodities.

Who are the characters in the Syfy original Eureka?

For the Infinity Train character of the same name, see Grace Monroe. This is a list of characters from the Syfy original series Eureka . Jack Carter is a U.S. Marshal who reluctantly ends up as Sheriff of Eureka.

What’s the deal with Vincent from Eureka?

Basically, he’s done it all. Vincent was the owner of Eureka’s local café, Café Diem, but don’t let his day job fool you — he was actually a gourmet chef with a Ph.D in molecular gastronomy, and was forever trying to refine Jack Carter’s palate (seriously, never ask Vincent for ketchup).

What has Michael Ferguson been up to since Eureka?

In the years immediately after Eureka ended, Ferguson went on to have recurring roles in The Vampire Diaries, Cedar Cove and Haven, and in 2017, he guest-starred as Boone in season 4 of You’re The Worst, earning praise for his work.

Are Jack and Nathan from Eureka married in real life?

In the series finale, she reveals she is pregnant. Nathan Stark is one of Eureka’s top scientists, and a Nobel laureate. He and Jack are frequently at odds, though both respect each other. He was married to Allison, and they rekindled their relationship in the second season.