What happened to Caroline and ant from Radio Aire?

Under the new move, Caroline and Ant will no longer host the breakfast show, with the current hosts of the Pulse FM breakfast show in Bradford taking over. Radio Aire listeners were very sad to hear that they’ll soon be gone.

What happened to Radio Aire Leeds?

Radio Aire was an Independent Local Radio station, serving Leeds and West Yorkshire. The station was merged and relaunched as Greatest Hits Radio Yorkshire, as part of a rebrand, on 1 September 2020.

What frequency is Greatest Hits West Yorkshire?

96.3 FM
Greatest Hits Radio West Yorkshire (previously Magic 828 and Radio Aire 2) is a local radio station serving West Yorkshire on 96.3 FM, DAB, Online and App….Greatest Hits Radio West Yorkshire.

Broadcast area West Yorkshire
Frequency FM 96.3 & DAB
Format Classic Hits

How can I listen to Radio Aire?

Listen to Radio Aire, Hallam FM and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the radio.net App.

Does Radio Aire still exist?

Bauer is closing the Radio Aire brand in West Yorkshire and rebranding it to Greatest Hits Radio from September. It split its FM and AM frequencies in 1990 to provide the first Magic-branded station, Magic 828 – which became Greatest Hits Radio in January 2019.

Where has Stray FM gone?

The whole UKRD Group, including Stray FM was placed into hold separate by the Competition and Markets Authority on 12 March 2019 subject to completion of a merger inquiry. Bauer announced on 27 May 2020 that Stray FM will be rebranded as Greatest Hits Radio Yorkshire from early September 2020.

What is Radio Aire called now?

Greatest Hits Radio
Bauer is closing the Radio Aire brand in West Yorkshire and rebranding it to Greatest Hits Radio from September. Radio Aire is currently broadcasting as part of the Hits Radio Brand, with a local breakfast show presented by Caroline and Ant followed by network programmes from Hits Radio in Manchester.

What FM is Greatest Hits Radio Leeds?

You can continue to listen to your favourite presenters including: Simon Mayo, Mark Goodier, Janice Long and Pat Sharp by tuning to 96.3 FM in Leeds, on 96.2 and 103.2 FM in Wakefield, Castleford and Pontefract, and across the whole of West Yorkshire on DAB digital radio, Freeview, smart speakers and other internet …

What frequency is Radio Leeds?

92.4 MHz
When Town’s games don’t clash with Leeds United fixtures, you will also be able to hear Town commentary on all BBC Radio Leeds FM frequencies (92.4 MHz, 95.3 MHz, 102.7 MHz, 103.9 MHz).

How can I listen to the Leeds game?

Live commentary with be on Channel 2 – LUFC Radio. We can assure fans that this channel is subscription-free, but requires you to register to listen to the live match action.

Is Will Smith leaving Stray FM?

Having said an emotional farewell at the end of August during a major staff purge at the station as Stray FM was turned into Greatest Hits Radio, which also included the departure of fellow presenter Will Smith and the station’s managing director Sarah Barry, Hancock has not been slow off the mark to get back in the …

What happened to Radio Aire in Leeds?

Radio Aire is no longer going to be a dedicated Leeds station. From September, the station will re-brand as “Greatest Hits West Yorkshire”, and only feature three hours of local content a day.

Who are the Radio Aire presenters over the last 39 years?

Previous notable Radio Aire presenters over the last 39 years have included Alex Lester, Martin Kelner, James Whale, Chris Moyles, Carol Vorderman, Peter Levy, Ray Stroud, Bruno Brookes, Carl Kingston, Richard James, Elisa Hilton, Simon Logan, Simon Clarke, Mark Page, Glenn Pinder and former regional TV news anchor Christa Ackroyd.

Who is iRadio Aire?

Radio Aire is an Independent Local Radio station serving Leeds and West Yorkshire. It is owned & operated by Bauer Radio and forms part of the Hits Radio network.

What happened to Larry and Paul on Radio Leeds?

The pair have hosted the Larry and Paul show on Radio Leeds since moving from Radio Aire in 2012, but the show was paused when Covid hit. Paul spoke out after he was sent an automated message telling him his staff email was to be closed and his BBC pass cancelled without warning.