What does Sun God do BTD5?

Sun God is the final upgrade for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 4 and is the third upgrade on Path 1 in Bloons TD 5. It sprays an almost constant stream of sun rays, popping all Bloons in the path of the sun rays & doing massive damage per second to MOAB-Class Bloons.

Can tech terror pop purple?

Note that upgrading to Tech Terror prevents the Super Monkey from popping Purples without support, unless further upgraded to The Anti-Bloon.

Does sun god sacrifice heroes?

Your Hero cannot be sacrificed. Even if it is in range of the Super Monkey when the Sun Temple or True Sun God upgrade is purchased, the Hero will stay put.

How does the sun temple work BTD5?

Sun Temple is the Tier 4 upgrade of Path 1 for the Super Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It shoots hypersonic blasts of energy which pop 5 layers per hit and have 20 pierce, along with +30% range to the temple itself.

Can technological terror see camo?

It can be upgraded to deal additional damage with its plasma beams, and to use its bloon annihilation ability from BTD5, but as a periodical attack rather than a player-controlled ability. Despite its immense power, it suffers from being unable to detect camo bloons or damage Purple bloons, not even with Nuclear Burst.

Is Sun Avatar or tech terror better?

Tech Terror is best used against many BFBs or MOABs but Sun God is better for normal bloons and ZOMGs. Tech Terror fires 2 double-speed beams that have decent popping power (robo-monkey and T.T. increase it, I think it is around 6-10). This makes TT better for blimps, and Sun God better for bloons.

Is the Sun God better than the technological terror?

Sun God is better if you aren’t going to be using its ability; the technological terror actually is better, but not by as much more as it costs. If the tower’s not in a convinent place to use the abilty, go with Sun God. Its often best to use a bit of both.

Is there a Bloons Td5?

Bloons Tower Defense 5 (also called Bloons TD5 or BTD5) is the fifth tower defense game in the Bloons series, and the sequel to Bloons Tower Defense 4. It was released on December 15, 2011 (although those with a Ninja Kiwi account were able to access the game two days early).

What’s the difference between btd4m and BTD5?

More expansive than any of the games before it, BTD5 not only refined many of the mechanics introduced in BTD4m but it also introduced even more new features – as always, there are new towers, Bloons, and tracks, plus lots of other new things.

How good is techterror compared to Sungod?

Not counting abilities, my experience shows that, generally speaking, SunGod’s are more effective with lots of the SMALL BLOONS, while TechTerror tends to do more damage to the big stuff like MOAB-class bloons. So, IMO, it really is a case of the right kind of screwdriver for the job you need done.