What does Raynox 250 do?

Raynox is a third party lens manufacturer located in Japan (corporate website). What’s so great about the Raynox DCR-250 is that you can easily clip it to most lenses and instantly increase your magnification power. Say you’ve got a kit lens (usually 18-55mm) and you’re trying to get up close to a flower.

What is the magnification of a Raynox DCR-250?

Raynox DCR-250 Specs

Magnification 2.5x
Rear Thread 43 mm
Front Thread 49 mm
Optical Design 3 Elements in 2 Groups
Dimensions ø: 2.1 x L: 0.7″ / ø: 53 x L: 18 mm

What is a raynox lens?

Raynox are highly corrected, 3 and 4 element achromatic multicoated lenses that are very well known for their great image quality. These close-up lenses are designed to mount in front of a telephoto lens (or a zoom lens at the telephoto setting).

How does a split diopter work?

A split diopter lens is a piece of half convex glass that affixes to the main lens of the camera. This makes half the lens nearsighted while the other half remains farsighted. This creates the illusion of a deep focus.

Does diopter affect focus?

The diopter adjusts only the clarity of the reflection from that prism and does not focus the captured image itself. Today, virtually all cameras with physical viewfinders have some type of diopter adjustment so that you can compensate for your own unique vision.

Should you buy the Raynox dcr-250 for macro photography?

In the beginning, your creativity shouldn’t be limited due to expensive lenses. The Raynox DCR-250 allows you to explore the world of macro photography without having to give away a car/mortgage payment. I buy new gear every week from Amazon and B&H for my photography business and for this website.

Can the Raynox 250 lens be used without the Mount?

As I mentioned above, the Raynox 250 lens can be used without the mount as long as the lens you adapt it to has a 43mm filter thread. The one lens in our collection with this filter thread size is the fixed zoom of the Panasonic Lumix LX100.

What is the difference between the rayraynox models?

Raynox with 43mm mounting threads will cover a full frame sensor but the 37mm threaded models are better suited for a crop sensor camera. The Model M-150 (DCR-150) lenses are the same optically as the CM-200 1.5X and the Model M-250 (DCR-250) is the same as the CM-2000 2.5X.

How do I calculate the magnification with a Raynox?

To estimate the magnification with a Raynox and the primary lens focused at infinity, use this simple formula: Magnification with Raynox = focal length of primary lens / focal length of the Raynox. With a 70-200mm lens @200mm and Raynox DCR-250 (focal length of DSR-250 is 125 mm, focal length of DSR-150 is 208 mm)