What does Escentric molecule 05 smell like?

The formula for the Escentric fragrance is always driven by the character of the Molecule. “Molecule 05, cashmeran, is dry, radiant, warm and woody with an unexpected touch of pine resin. Mastic is a resin produced by a small tree that grows especially near the sea. It has the clean sharp scent of newly-cut branches.

What is the difference between molecule 01 and Escentric 01?

What is the difference between Molecule 01 and Escentric 01? Our fragrances focus on an exceptional series of aroma-molecules, 01 (Iso E Super), 02 (AMBROXAN™), 03 (Vetiveryl Acetate), 04 (Javanol) and 05 (Cashmeran). The difference between them is the quantity of perfume in the concentrate.

What does Escentric Molecules 02 smell like?

It is placen in the centre. The rest of the composition, just like in Escentric 01, is composed out of artful copies of the natural ingredients: a scent identical to the real musk – muscone, beautiful hedione (smells like jasmine), elderflower extract and orris.

Can you smell Molecule 01 on yourself?

You can’t smell this scent from the bottle, or on yourself, only others can smell it on you. 2. Molecule 01 is more of an effect than an aroma; it’s intriguing and enveloping but doesn’t give a burst of scent to the nose of the wearer.

What does molecule smell like?

Molecule 01 is an aroma chemical, which are used in virtually all modern fragrances to recreate scents like jasmine or cedar or a host of other familiar olfactory favorites. This fragrance, however, is the first to to pay homage to Iso E Super, which you probably know as a sweet sandalwood/cedar-like smell.

What are molecule perfumes?

They mostly consist of a few molecular fragrances such as Iso E-Super, Ambroxan and Cashmeran. These are produced synthetically in the laboratory and are odourless in the bottle itself.

What does Cashmeran smell like?

Although there are woody-musky notes to Cashmeran, its odour is complex with notes that are: rich spicy, fruity, chypre, balsamic and vanilla, overall intended to convey the soft sensuous feeling of cashmere (hence the trade name Cashmeran).

Does Molecule 01 smell different on everyone?

There are six varieties in the range, but the clear star is Molecule 01. It contains the molecule Iso E Super, a common synthetic ingredient used in many perfumes for its creamy, woody quality and the fact that it smells different on everyone—or, possibly, that it makes you smell more like yourself.

What is the difference between molecule 02 and Escentric 02?

While its sister scent Molecule 02 is built around the single note of ambroxan (the manmade equivalent of costly natural ambergris), Escentric 02 blends the note with vetiver and the cruelty-free musk imposter muscone. Escentric 02 fits the bill every time.

What does molecule 01 smell like?

Does molecule 01 smell different on everyone?

What is Escentric Molecules 02?

Escentric Molecules 02 celebrates the fresh and sensual resonance of nature-identical AMBROXAN™ in two different fragrances. Escentric 02 – a formula Molecule 02 – a molecule. AMBROXAN™ has a subtle sensual quality with a radiant, long-lasting drydown. It is a crystal with a chemical structure identical to the ambrox derived from ambergris.

What is the meaning of Escentric 04?

Escentric Molecules 04 celebrates the futuristic freshness of Javanol, a sheer sandalwood molecule, in two different fragrances. Escentric 04 – a formula. Molecule 04 – a molecule. Escentric Molecules owes its existence to an aroma-molecule that does not exist in nature.

What is etescentric molecules?

Escentric Molecules celebrates perfumery as the art of chemistry. A cult phenomenon that revolutionalised the world of modern perfumery. Shop unisex fragrances created by Geza Schoen now from the official store.

What are the ingredients in Escentric 01?

Escentric Molecules’ Escentric 01 is a symphony of ingredients that lifts the efflorescence of Iso E Super to a crescendo. It contains lime peel, hedione (green jasmine bud), orris, balsamic notes, and fresh musk.