What does cultivate mean biblically?

Cultivate means “to prepare for the raising of crops,” “to protect and encourage the growth of,” “to cause to grow by special attention or by studying, advancing, developing, practicing, or publicizing.” Part of the second definition speaks volumes: “to improve by labor, care, or study.”

What is an example for cultivate?

To cultivate is designed as to prepare land to grow something or to nurture and cause growth, either literally or figuratively. An example of cultivate is when you prepare land to farm on it. An example of cultivate is when you cause carrots to grow.

Can you cultivate a person?

If you cultivate someone or cultivate a friendship with them, you try hard to develop a friendship with them.

What does it mean to cultivate yourself?

Definition of self-cultivation : the development of one’s mind or capacities through one’s own efforts : self-culture The emphasis here is on education for self-cultivation rather than for jobs and on retirement and leisure rather than work.

What does it mean to cultivate spiritually?

To ‘cultivate’ something means working on it and constantly putting in time and dedication for its advancement. Spiritual cultivation therefore is simply working on your spirituality. It can be done in many forms and takes many shapes.

What is the root word of cultivate?

It grew out of the Medieval Latin word cultīvātus, which ultimately derives from the Latin verb colere, meaning “to till,” “to toil over,” “to care for,” or “to worship.” Colere is also the basis of the words cult, culture, and agriculture, among many others. To cultivate isn’t just to grow something.

What does cultivated a relationship mean?

to develop a friendship or relationship with someone, usually in order to get an advantage from it. Collocations and examples. Adverbs frequently used with cultivate.

What is the synonym of cultivate?

grow, raise, rear, bring on, tend. plant, sow. 3’her father had cultivated Maud’s friendship’ try to acquire, pursue, court. try to develop, work hard at, foster, nurture, encourage.

What is a cultivated woman?

adjective. If you describe someone as cultivated, you mean they are well educated and have good manners. [formal] His mother was an elegant, cultivated woman.

How do you cultivate people?

Here’s how:

  1. Act as a Role Model. Before anything else, be the person that you want your people to be like.
  2. Give Them a Clear Purpose. What role do you need your employee to do?
  3. Let Them Learn. Promote learning and training in your company.
  4. Help Them Take Accountability.
  5. Accept Feedback.

What does it mean to cultivate one’s mind?

2 verb If you cultivate an attitude, image, or skill, you try hard to develop it and make it stronger or better. Cultivating a positive mental attitude towards yourself can reap tremendous benefits.

How do you cultivate yourself?

Self-development: 15 Easy ways to grow yourself every day

  1. Plan Ahead. Before you go to bed, make a to-do list for the next day.
  2. Get Moving.
  3. Try Something New.
  4. Laugh Out Loud.
  5. Keep A Diary.
  6. Count Your Blessings.
  7. Reach Out.
  8. Say “No”

What does cultivate mean in the Bible?

Genesis 2:15. Cultivate, which is the best of the three definitions, means “to put through a finishing process,” “to foster the growth of,” or “to further or encourage.”. Neither “dress” or “tend” is wrong, but “cultivate” most accurately applies the Hebrew meaning of the original word.

What does the name cultivate mean?

Kids Definition of cultivate. 1 : to prepare land for the raising of crops cultivate a field. 2 : to raise or assist the growth of crops by tilling or by labor and care cultivate corn. 3 : to improve or develop by careful attention, training, or study : devote time and thought to He’s trying to cultivate a better attitude.

What is the difference between cultivate and grow?

cultivate | grow |. is that cultivate is to grow plants, notably crops while grow is (ergative) to become bigger.

What does ‘cultivate’ mean?

– 1.1 Break up (soil) in preparation for sowing or planting. as adjective, with submodifier cultivated ‘damp, well-cultivated soil’ More example sentences ‘No one wants to trample a new plant or – 1.2 Raise or grow (plants), especially on a large scale for commercial purposes. – 1.3 Biology Grow or maintain (living cells or tissue) in culture.