What does Bitte Ein bit mean?

The most famous phrase in Germany’s beer world, “Bitte ein Bit” (“One Bit, please”), is recognisable all over the world amongst fans of Bitburger Premium Pils. Alongside our perfect pilsner, our customers also enjoy our other beer varieties and speciality beverages as well.

What does “bite” mean in German?

The German word bitte means so much more than “please” or “you’re welcome.” In some ways, it’s a go-to word like “pardon.” Keep reading to find out more about bitte and how you can incorporate it into your daily German vocabulary. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.

How do you use Bitte in a sentence?

When used to mean “please,” bitte can take various positions within a sentence. Like most German sentences, it comes down to emphasis. Bitte can preface the sentence, end it, or even come somewhere in-between. Here are a few examples: Bitte, kann ich mit dir gehen?

What does Bitburger stand for?

Bitburger brewery (Bitburger Brauerei Th. Simon GmbH) is a large German brewery founded in 1817 by Johann Wallenborn. Bitburger is headquartered in Bitburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany . Bitburger ranks No. 3 among Germany’s best selling beers with annual sales of 3.8 million hectolitres (3.2 million US beer barrels)…