What does a geomatics land surveyor do?

Geomatics surveyors or land surveyors measure, map, assess, and collect and interpret information about specific pieces of land. They often work on land due to be redeveloped (built on) or on which the built infrastructure (such as a railway line) is due to be repaired – but not always.

How do land surveyors use trigonometry?

Trigonometry is used when measuring the height and angles of land. It can be used to measure the elevation from a certain point to a mountain, the distance between two trees, and distances across lakes.

What are different types of land surveys?

Below is information about — and equipment recommendations for — seven different types of land survey:

  • ALTA/ACSM Survey.
  • Boundary Survey.
  • Construction Survey.
  • Location Survey.
  • Site Planning Survey.
  • Subdivision Survey.
  • Topographic Survey.

What can I do with a land surveying degree?


  • government departments.
  • provincial administrations.
  • local authorities.
  • public utility companies such as Eskom.
  • engineering consulting companies.
  • surveying companies.
  • aerial surveying and mapping companies.
  • mining companies.

What are the two types of land surveying?

Subdivision Survey – When dividing lands into smaller lots or estates, this is the type of survey that’s needed. It can often be a survey for streets and drainage systems as well as lots. Topographic Survey – This is a typical survey that is used to locate features such as utilities, roads, embankments, and ditches.

What kind of math do land surveyors use?

Surveyors use mathematics—especially geometry and trigonometry—because they need to measure angles and distances on the ground. They then interpret the data, accurately plotting such information as boundaries and locations of structures on a map.

What math is used in land surveying?

Taking measurements of the entire property is often one of the first parts of a surveying project. Since these measurements are used in legal documents, they’ve got to be accurate! A land surveyor uses arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry to help ensure all of the boundary lines are correct.

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