What do the numbers on wicks mean?

The size of the wick is determined by how many spools of yarn were used to make the wick. The higher the number, the larger the wick. As a general rule, the larger wick sizes will have a bigger melt pool and usually have higher wax consumption.

Are thicker wicks better?

So how to choose the right wick for a candle? The first of the basic rules for selecting a wick is: the bigger is the diameter of the candle, the thicker should be the wick. For candles, made of beeswax, the best will be the wick, twisted from thicker fibers or yarn (mainly from yarn Nm 10/1).

Are hemp wicks better than cotton wicks?

Hemp Wicks- These braided wicks are made with natural fibers of hemp instead of cotton. Hemp wicks provide for a hotter burning wick and increased rigidity. Used with all types of waxes.

What are wick sizes?

Understanding Wick Sizes Within a series the larger the number, the larger the wick. So an ECO 14 is always bigger than an ECO 10, and an ECO 4 is always smaller than an ECO 6. But the numbers between series are not comparable. For instance, an LX-22 may or may not be bigger than an ECO 8.

How do I know what size wick to buy?

Measure your candle diameter. Use the Wick Size Selection Table to find three wicks to start with. Design your candle (fragrance, dye)…

  1. Step 1: Pick a wax type.
  2. Step 2: Choose a wick series (or two)
  3. Step 3: Measure diameter.
  4. Step 4: Choose three wick sizes.
  5. Step 5: Design your candle.

Do people prefer wooden or cotton wicks?

Wooden wicks are not recommended in drafty places or for outdoors use, as they’re more likely to extinguish under light wind pressure and are more difficult to relight. Cotton wicks do much better in an outdoor setting, but will still struggle and burn faster and more erratic.

Do wood wicks crackle?

Why Woodwick Candles Crackle WoodWick candle wicks are made of wood as opposed to cotton string often used in other types of candles. As a result, the candle emits a crackling sound similar in nature to a fireplace with wood logs, which creates a pleasant and appealing effect.

What are zinc wicks?

Zinc candle wicks are a cotton braid wick with an inner zinc core. The potential for mushrooming resulting from carbon buildup can be minimized by using the proper wick size and keeping the wick trimmed. Zinc core wicks are cooler burning and generally recommended for use in paraffin wax.

When should you double wick a candle?

However, a general guideline is that candles with a diameter of 4″ or larger may need a double wick (or triple if preferred). The reason for using a double wick in larger diameter candles is to achieve a full burn pool, which can be challenging with only a single wick.