What chains can I use on a Stihl chainsaw?

Stihl manufacturers replacement parts, including chains, as well as chain saws. Stihl recommends using its own chains as replacements, but after-market manufacturers produce similar chains that may be used on a Stihl chain saw.

How do I know what size chain is on my Stihl chainsaw?

If you are replacing a Stihl® chain, you can look at the numbers on the side of the chain to determine pitch, gauge, and other characteristics of the chain. Example: Your chain has the number 33RM2 stamped in the side of it. The last three numbers (or letters) denote characteristics of the chain.

What chain does a Stihl ms291 use?

Another great feature is an advanced anti-vibration system to reduce user fatigue….Oils & Lubricants.

MS 291 Specifications – Mid-Range Use
GUIDE BAR LENGTH (Recommended) 16 in.

Will Oregon chains fit Stihl chainsaws?

The Oregon R55 AdvanceCut Saw Chain is an ideal choice for landscapers and homeowners who use small, low powered saws to cut trees and limbs to maintain their properties. This 14″, 3/8″ pitch chain fits several Stihl saws including 017, 019, MS 170, 018 and MS 191T.

Are all Stihl chains the same?

All STIHL saw chains have the same quality engineering and innovative technology that have made our chainsaws famous. If it says STIHL, it’s made to last. STIHL recommends using low-kickback, green-labeled chain and green-labeled reduced-kickback bars on all powerheads.

How do I know what size my chainsaw chain is?

The larger the pitch will mean the higher the cutting teeth will be. The higher the teeth will therefore mean the larger the file will need to be. If you do not know your chainsaw pitch you can gauge it by measuring the distance between three rivets.

What chain does a Stihl Farm Boss use?

The MS 271 FARM BOSS® replaces the mighty MS 270 with a saw that’s loaded with features and technology….Oils & Lubricants.

MS 271 FARM BOSS® Specifications – Mid-Range Use
GUIDE BAR LENGTH (Recommended) 16 in.

What is the best Stihl Chainsaw?

This powered motor is best suitable for medium to largely sized tree felling. The 18 inch Stihl chainsaw is often recommended for large-scale cutting. This chainsaw provides a feature of chain tensioner that enables professionals chainsaw users to adjust the chain tension with a bar wrench.

What do Stihl Chainsaw model numbers mean?

According to resources, the numbers are made up my Mr. Hans Peter Stihl himself, and other than to tell the models apart, the numbers mean absolutely nothing . The numbers usually change when something about the saw changes (ie. 036, MS360, MS361, MS362). But there is no correlation between the specs or number.

What is a Stihl saw?

Battery Saws. It’s becoming an evolving and more popular form of powering equipment.

  • Homeowner Saws. Gas powered and easy to use,these saws are designed for simple tree work around the house and yard.
  • Farm and Ranch Saws. As the name suggests,farm and ranch saws are to be used on…
  • Professional Saws.
  • Electric Saws.
  • In-Tree Saws.
  • Rescue Saws.