What can you do with the alien car in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V

  • After collecting all Spaceship Parts, Franklin will have to go back to Omega to complete the mission The Final Frontier. After this, the player is able to get the Space Docker at Omega’s garage.
  • The vehicle can be given to Trevor or Michael to keep by driving it to their current location as Franklin.

How do you get the fib car in GTA Online?

The FIB Granger can spawn at the Grand Senora Desert satellite dish facility, across East Joshua Road, just south from Sandy Shores, at 10:00 AM every day. Two FIB vehicles will spawn there: two FIB Buffaloes, two FIB Grangers, or one of each.

Are there aliens in Grand Theft Auto 5 online?

Page is locked. This page contains information on the various alien and UFO sightings that can be experienced around San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online. The latest alien encounter was recently discovered by GTA super-sleuths Chilliad Mystery Gurus.

Where can I find the frozen alien in GTA 5?

This isn’t the only time players can find the frozen alien, either. They can also spot it during the Bury the Hatchet mission if they follow the same steps. Drive the car to the area under the bridge, get out, and start searching. The alien isn’t hard to miss, and clearly isn’t going anywhere.

Where to find a UFO in Grand Theft Auto 5?

During the Murder Mystery side mission, there is also another statue of an alien to be found in the bookcase located in Solomon Richards’ office. It turns out there are plenty of UFO sightings and clues to be discovered through Grand Theft Auto 5, helping to extend the single-player gameplay experience and keeping players on their toes.

Where to find cars in GTA 5 online PC?

The first location is the Prison parking lot. If you do not find the car then simply drive around the prison and a new set of cars should appear. Try it out a couple of times and if you still don’t see the car then simply find a new GTA Online session and repeat the process.