What are strange axles made of?

alloy steel
Strange axles are CNC precision machined from premium forged alloy steel then induction hardened to resist bending loads and to provide greater flexibility. This is especially important when axles are intended for use in street applications. Strange axles endure an induction hardening process.

Who owns strange engineering?

Jeff Stange
Strange Engineering was the first to field a team that consisted of Sportsman and Pro Cars when they backed the Chi-Town Hustler lead Team Strange in the 1980’s. These days Bob is semi-retired and Jeff Stange runs the business.

Where are strange axles made?

the USA
Quality is ensured as all Strange axles are proudly made in the USA by Strange Engineering. Strange Engineering Custom Axle Order Form available for downloading, Strange makes it easy to place an order for custom axles for your drag racing application.

How much torque can 31 spline axles handle?

A 30-spline axle is rated at 6,200 lb-ft, a 31-spline at 7,000, a 33-spline at 8,200, a 35-spline at 9,600, and a 40-spline at 12,000.

How do I identify my Dana 60 rear axle?

It can be identified by its 10-bolt rear cover, which appears to be lying on its side. Each Dana 60 has a build date and bill of materials numbers stamped into the back of the passenger-side axle tube. These numbers are fairly small but they are always on original axles.

Where is chassis engineering located?

Boxford, MA
Company Description: Chassis Engineering LLC is located in Boxford, MA, United States and is part of the Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing Industry.

What is H9 axle code Ford?

The Ford F-150 axle code H9 indicates that the truck has a limited slip differential wit a 3.55 gear ratio. A limited slip differential has the ability to shift the amount of power to one tire or the other depending on the amount of traction and slippage that is occurring.

How much horsepower will 31 spline axles hold?

Pro Race 31- & 33-Spline Axles (up to 600 hp1) Recommended for drag-race-only use.