What are some cute sayings for a baby shower cake?

Bling Girl.

  • Pink power.
  • Daddy’s Little Girl!
  • Dresses,ribbons&hair to curl. We’re tickled pink it’s a baby girl!
  • Give a Twirl For Our Precious Little Girl.
  • Hip Hip Hooray! A baby girl is on her way!
  • It’s a Girl!
  • Little Miss Happy.
  • Little Miss Sunshine.
  • Little Princess.
  • What to say on a baby shower cake?

    When inscribing a cake for a baby shower, keep it as simple as possible, while expressing congratulations. A few examples of appropriate inscriptions are, “Thank Heaven for Little (Boys) Girls!”, “All Because 2 People Fell In Love” and for twins, “Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun.”.

    Should you bring a baby to a baby shower?

    Travel items. Another important thing to consider to bring to a baby shower are things that parents can be used when traveling with the baby. For example, a car seat for bringing the baby home from the hospital, diaper bag to hold necessities for the baby, stroller, or a front baby harness or sling to facilitate carrying the baby.

    Can you bring a baby to a baby shower?

    No, so I don’t think it’s okay to bring a baby to a baby shower. The shower is about the mom-to-be and to celebrate the upcoming arrival of her baby. It is not a kids’ event which centers on kids of other guests. But if the mom-to-be WANTS babies there, and doesn’t mind sharing her event with them, that should be up to her (not the hosts or guests).

    What to write on a baby shower cake?

    Tips for writing your baby shower cake inscription: Frost your cake and smooth. Hold the icing bag at a 45 degree angle with the back of the bag to the right. Lightly touch the tip to the cake surface and squeeze bag to start the letter. Use steady even pressure. When you reach the end of the letter, stop squeezing and lift the bag up.

    What are baby shower cakes?

    Cakes are the centerpiece at parties for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. At a baby shower party, the cake should reflect the parents’ style, the colors in the other decorations, the gender of the baby if known, or the date of the baby’s birth. The “pink for girls” and “blue for boys” is traditional.