What are baby names that start with J?

  • Jack.
  • Jacob.
  • Jessica.
  • James.
  • Joshua.
  • Jake.
  • Jayden.
  • Jamie.

What are Spanish names that start with J?

Spanish Names Starting with J

  • juana. Spanish. girl.
  • josea. Spanish. boy.
  • jorrin. Spanish. boy.
  • jacinta. Spanish. girl.
  • jairo. Spanish. boy.
  • javier. Spanish. boy.
  • jeronimo. Spanish. boy.
  • jimena. Spanish. girl.

What are some unique J names?

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Jerry Removed from list
Jojo Removed from list
Jadiel Removed from list
Judson Removed from list
João Removed from list

What are some strong baby boy names?

Baby boy names meaning “Strong”. Many parents want their son to have a masculine name — and these boy names that mean “strong” certainly fit the bill. Maximus: Greatest. Ekon: Strong. Hagan: Strong defense. Jedrek: Strong, manly. Jerry: Brave spearman.

What are the most popular boy names?

The most popular variation on the list is ‘Muhammad’ which placed 12th with 3,730 boys born with the name. Oliver was the most popular boys’ name for all regions of England except London and the West Midlands, which both had Muhammad as the top name.

What are the top 10 boys names?

These names include Oliver (#1), Liam (#2), Owen (#4), Henry (6), Declan (#7), and Alexander (#10). Just like Charlotte, the Windsor royal names are also seen in the top 10 boy names, including Liam (the diminutive for William) and Henry (for which Harry is a nickname).

What are unique names that start with J?

Jordana. The name Jordana is derived from the Hebrew for ‘to flow down,descend’.

  • Jolene. Derived from the male name Joseph,Jolene was the title of a popular song by Dolly Parton that made its way back to the charts recently.
  • Jaycee. Jaycee is a beautiful name for a girl and means ‘healer’.
  • Jamelia.
  • Jada.
  • Johanna.
  • Josephine.
  • Jaxyn.
  • Jazmyn.
  • Jenae.