Is thilakan dead?

Deceased (1935–2012)
Thilakan/Living or Deceased

Who is thilakan wife?

Leela Thilakanm.?–2012
Shanta Thilakan

What is the age of thilakan?

77 years (1935–2012)
Thilakan/Age at death

Who is Shobi Thilakan?

Shobi Thilakan is an Indian film Actor, who has worked predominantly in Malayalam movie industry. Shobi has worked in popular movies like Pendulum, Life Put Your Hope In God. Shobi’s previous film to hit the theatres was Pendulum in the year 2022.

Was thilakan married?


In which year did Kalabhavan Mani died?

March 6, 2016
Kalabhavan Mani/Date of death

Who is the son of Thilakan?

Shammi Thilakan
Shaji ThilakanShobi ThilakanShibu Thilakan

Was Thilakan married?

Who is the son of thilakan?

Is Manichitrathazhu based on a true story?

Manichitrathazhu (transl. The ornate lock) is a 1993 Indian Malayalam-language psychological thriller horror film directed by Fazil, written by Madhu Muttam, and produced by Swargachitra Appachan. The story is based on a tragedy that happened in the Alummoottil tharavad, a central Travancore family, in the 19th century.

Who is Thilakan in Nadodikkattu?

In 1987, he played the comic role of Ananthan Nambiar in the cult-classic comedy movie Nadodikkattu, from which several of Thilakan’s lines became very popular. In 1993 he continued his role as the father of Sethu Madhavan (Mohanlal) in the movie Chenkol.

Who is KK Thilakan?

K. Surendranatha Thilakan (15 June 1935 – 24 September 2012) was a veteran Indian film and stage actor who appeared in over 200 Malayalam films. Thilakan was known for his elaborate method acting, realistic and spontaneous appearances. He has won 3 National Film Awards and 11 Kerala State Film Awards.

Why was Thilakan replaced in Dam 999?

Thilakan was originally cast to play a role in a UAE-Indian co-production film Dam 999. He was later replaced following a notice from FEFKA stating that the association would boycott the film if Thilakan were to act. Sohan, the director, was forced to seek a substitute for Thilakan when it “came to the point that shooting might be disrupted.”