Is there such thing as an automatic shotgun?

An automatic shotgun is an automatic firearm that fires shotgun shells and uses some of the energy of each shot to automatically cycle the action and load a new round. Automatic shotguns have a very limited range, but provide tremendous firepower at close range.

Are Saigas good?

Saiga rifles are favorites among many AK-platform enthusiasts, as they are some of the highest-quality weapons you can get in this style, and they are true Russian rifles built in the same factory as the Russian military equivalents.

What is a Saiga AK?

Sayga) are a family of Russian semi-automatic rifles manufactured by Kalashnikov Concern (formerly Izhmash), which also manufactures the original AK-47 and its variants, Saiga-12 shotguns and Dragunov sniper rifle. Saiga rifles are a sport version of the Kalashnikov rifle, and are marketed for hunting and civilian use.

Where are AKs manufactured?

The famous Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles have been made in frigid Moscow since their inception 69 years ago. Soon, they’ll be made in sunny Florida, too. Kalashnikov USA has been approved by the city of Pompano Beach to assemble guns there.

Who owns the rights to the AK47?

Kalashnikov Concern

Native name АО Концерн Калашников
Owner Rostec (51%) Private investors (49%)
Number of employees 5,930 (2015)
Parent Rostec
Divisions Kalashnikov Baikal Izhmash

What is the Izhma 12g shotgun?

The IZHMA 12G shotgun is a primary weapon available in PAYDAY 2 . The IZHMA 12G is a low damage shotgun that, unlike most other shotguns in the game, is magazine fed. This allows it to have a consistent and fast reload no matter how many shots have been fired.

What is the history of Izhmash?

The modern age of development of the society was connected with the beginning of production in 1947 in a generally known Kalashnikov machine. Together with the beverage opener, IZHMASH actively works on the creation and production for sale of strong and oxy pushes.

Does the Izhma have recoil issues?

When configured for high concealment, however, recoil will still be an issue. When doing the Death Wish Difficulty, the IZHMA will seem to underperform most of the time. Since it may take 2 or 3 shells to get the first kill to start the Overkill skill, the player must be exposed to fire for some time.

What is a Saiga-12 shotgun?

The Saiga-12 self-loading smooth bored shotgun is intended for professional and sport hunting of small-and medium-size game under any climatic conditions. This shotgun is built on the famous AK-47 action that has been proven by years of very reliable combat action!