Is there a Google Maps for boating?

First off, you can use Google Maps, including its satellite view, to take a look at an area you plan to be boating. You can also use sailing tools built around Google Maps, such as distance calculator Sea Seek, which uses Google Maps to compute the rough length of a potential route or the distance between two points.

Is there an app for GPS on the water?

iNavX. A very popular app, iNavX offers a chartplotter app for Android and iOS. It comes with NOAA raster charts you can download and works with vector charts, too. This incredible navigation app provides everything you need out on the water.

What is the best nautical navigation app?

5 Best Marine Navigation Apps for Boaters

  • C-Map Embark.
  • iNavX.
  • KnowWake.
  • Navionics.
  • SeaPilot.

Can you use your phone as a boat GPS?

Navionics, a Garmin brand, developed a boat GPS app that can be downloaded to any compatible Apple or Android smart device. According to Angler’s Channel, the app provides detailed nautical charts in whatever region you’re in.

What is the Navionics App?

The Navionics Boating app is well … an app for Android and iOS mobile devices with the ability to let you plan ahead and best spend your time on the water. Since the app works on phones and tablets, you can plan your activities from wherever you are.

Can I use my iPhone as a Marine GPS?

A GPS marine navigation app turns an iPhone into a valuable and convenient portable navigation system on the water. For boaters, there are many advantages and conveniences to using an iPhone as a portable marine navigation device: Cost savings. A downloadable GPS application for an iPhone can cost about $50 USD.

How much does navionics cost?

Renew online and download charts immediately If you haven’t already, you can register your card and then renew your subscription for only $49.99 USD, and download updated charts directly to your card.

What is nautical charts on navionics?

Nautical Chart is the all essential cartographic reference for boaters worldwide. If you’re looking for an accurate and thorough map of lakes and marine areas, Nautical Chart is the resource you’ll want by your side.