Is the Kymco downtown 300i a good scooter?

We just completed our Kymco People GTi300 review, and the Kymco Downtown 300i became available. No complaints here, both scooters are a lot of fun to ride. The Downtown 300i looks like a modern maxi-scooter, but it’s lighter than any maxi in it’s class.

How is the MPG on the Kymco people GTI 300?

In my review of the Kymco People GTi 300, I got 72 MPG overall, but those miles were less at highway speeds. If ridden at city speeds without a lot of hard acceleration, one could probably see 80 MPG. Of course WHY anyone would NOT accelerate fairly hard on this machine would be a mystery to me.

How much does a Suzuki Kymco 300cc motorcycle cost?

At £3999, the Kymco’s 300cc capacity sits performance-wise between Suzuki’s Burgman 200 and 400 machines, and matches Honda’s SH300i. What sets the Kymco apart numerically is its price. The Burgman 200 is the same £3999 list price, so you get more zip for your money with the Kymco.

Are Kymco scooters made in the USA?

For a little over a decade now, Kymco has been selling scooters in the US (under their own name) and they have built an impressive dealer network. The lineage of the Downtown can be traced to the Kymco Dink. Yes, that’s right and, no, they didn’t bring those scooters into the USA under THAT name.

If practicality and fuel efficiency are your top concerns when it comes to two-wheel motoring, and assuming you aren’t very tall, the Kymco Downtown 300i deserves a look. For the most part, the Downtown 300i is a fine scoot. With decent power and considerable storage space, it’s a very practical everyday vehicle.

How much does a Honda downtown 300i cost?

The top speed along with the almost motorcycle-sized tires definitely makes highway travel less dangerous than most vehicles that fall in the scooter category. As usual, a CVT tranny provides twist-and-forget riding convenience. You can score a current Downtown 300i in Matte White or Gloss Black for a base MSRP of $5,399.

Is the Kymco a good car to drive?

Power feels dulled slightly because of the CVT, but the tradeoff with the CVT is freeing up the left side of your body to do other things. That said, the Kymco isn’t slow. There’s plenty of juice to beat cars off the line, blend in with traffic, and leap ahead if needed.