Is Taiko no Tatsujin drum session worth it?

Despite the lack of a physical Taiko drum controller, Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session is a great game for rhythm fans. The songs are excellent, and although the amount of available DLC songs is overwhelming, there are more than a handful of tunes anyone can have a good time with.

What can you play Taiko no Tatsujin on?

Taiko no Tatsujin
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco Entertainment
Creator(s) Tatsuhisa Yabushita
Platform(s) Arcade, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, Wii, Advanced Pico Beena, PlayStation Portable, Mobile phone, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, macOS

Can you play Taiko no Tatsujin on PC?

Taiko no Tatsujin is so popular in Japan, there are also versions for PC and most consoles, including Sony Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

How many songs are in Taiko no Tatsujin ps4?

The PlayStation 4 tracklist has about the same amount as its Nintendo Switch counterpart, with over 70 songs to each.

What does the balloon mean in Taiko no Tatsujin?

For a drumroll, hit wherever. The more times you hit, the more points you get! For a balloon note, hit the center rapidly the number of times shown. Finish for bonus points! Hitting notes correctly will increase the Tamashii gauge on the top-right corner.

What does Taiko no Tatsujin mean in English?

Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人) is a series of rhythm games created by Namco. In the games, players simulate playing a taiko drum in time with music.

Is Taiko no Tatsujin a rhythm game?

Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun!, released in Asia as Taiko no Tatsujin: Nintendo Switch Version!, is a rhythm game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The title’s release marks the first release of a Taiko no Tatsujin game to Western audiences in over a decade.

Can you play Taiko no Tatsujin on mobile?

Taiko No Tatsujin+ is a version of the Taiko series that is made for iOS and Android devices. Created by Bandai Namco, this arcade music game allows players to enjoy the Taiko series “on the go”. It offers a selection of free songs but payment is required for additional songs.

Does Taiko no Tatsujin have button controls?

Obviously, if you happen to own one of the taiko drum accessories, then that’s the clear way to go (although it’s unfortunately not an option in Story Mode). For everyone else, you’ve got the choice of using the Switch’s face buttons, the touch screen, or motion controls with the Joy-Con.

What songs are on Taiko no Tatsujin drum session?

Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum Session (PS4)

Title Notes
L O S E R Kenshi Yonezu
Umi no Koe
Sugar Song & Bitter Step [also in Drum ‘n’ Fun for Switch]
Himawari no Yakusoku

How many songs are in Taiko no Tatsujin drum and fun?

The game contains 300 songs (inclusive of all downloadable songs) as of July 2020.