Is PremiumBeat owned by Shutterstock?

Shutterstock to Acquire PremiumBeat, A Leading Provider of Royalty Free Music – Press and Media – Shutterstock.

Can I sell music on Shutterstock?

You must own and control 100% of the copyright in both the composition and master recording of the music. We do not accept any music on a non-exclusive basis. You may submit tracks that have already been placed elsewhere as examples of your work, but we will require exclusivity on all tracks added to the library.

What is a music contributor?

When onboarded, each music contributor is assigned an individual representative from the music content team who will work with them on producing the best possible tracks for our collection. The terms of our music contributor agreement and payout scheme are also different than that for other types of media.

How much does Premium beat pay for music?

PremiumBeat pricing With the single-song model, you can download any of their songs for $49 or $199, depending on whether you choose the Standard or Premium license. The monthly subscription only costs you $13 to license a track, but you’re limited to 5 tracks per month.

Does Shutterstock accept mobile photos?

Shutterstock Contributors can use our app for iOS or app for Android to upload images from anywhere there’s phone signal. Never miss an opportunity to upload new content. Instead, take images on the go and upload directly to the app.

Is a producer a primary artist?

Primary – The main artist that is performing on the track/album. Featuring – The artist who is a guest feature on the track/album. Composer – The person who contributed to the music. Producer – The person/s in charge of a recording session, or the person/s who create the musical tracks that support the vocals.

Where can I submit stock music?

Stock Music Sites: Where to Sell Stock Music

  • Pond5.

Can I sell royalty free music?

Working with a Royalty Free stock music library may be the best, most efficient way of making money as a musician, creating and selling stock music. Composing for production music libraries requires a fairly specific way of working in order to stand out.

Can you earn money from Shutterstock?

As a Shutterstock contributor, you will earn a percentage of the price Shutterstock receives for licensing your content. There are 6 separate earnings levels for images and for videos, ranging from 15% up to 40%. You can graduate through them independently based on your download count in each category.

Can you contribute to PremiumBeat/Shutterstock Music?

Image via SJ Travel Photo and Video. Every day, companies, advertising agencies, video editors, and filmmakers big and small need more and more musical content — and many of them turn to us for the perfect soundtrack. You can take advantage of this opportunity by contributing your work to PremiumBeat/Shutterstock Music.

What is Shutterstock and how does it work?

Shutterstock, a global technology company, has created the largest and most vibrant two-sided marketplace where professionals can license content – including images, videos, and music – and access innovative tools that power the creative process.

What’s new with PremiumBeat?

Finding Perfect Music Is Easier and Faster with PremiumBeat. PremiumBeat never stops innovating music search and music discovery. With these new enhanced features, find your perfect music tracks in seconds.

What is editshutterstock custom?

Shutterstock Custom is a network for professionals and semi-professionals, producing high-quality custom content (including images, videos, gifs, cinemagraphs, and 360° video) for high-profile clients based on their brief.