Is Pontypool scary?

Pontypool (2008) It’s about a radio crew whose regular, boring day of weather and missing cats turns into the beginning of the end of the world. Why it’s scary: The viewer is trapped inside the radio station with the crew as the zombie breakout begins in their small town and overtakes the area like a nuclear firestorm.

Is Pontypool a good movie?

Pontypool has an awful lot going for it. It’s technically well made, well acted, creepy, funny, and weird. It’s the kind of movie that, if it’s seen in the right place and right time, can really have an effect on you.

What is Pontypool?

When disc jockey Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie) reports to his basement radio station in the Canadian town of Pontypool, he thinks it’s just another day at work. But when he hears reports of a virus that turns people into zombies, Mazzy barricades himself in the radio booth and tries to figure out a way to warn his listeners about the virus and its unlikely mode of transmission: the English language.
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What happened at the end of Pontypool?

The movie ends with a countdown coming from the police bombers, and the screen goes black. It is assumed they bombed the rest of Pontypool, killing Grant and Sydney with it. After the credits, there is another radio broadcast by a different station. They announce that the rioting in Pontypool has been stopped.

Where can I see Pontypool?

Currently you are able to watch “Pontypool” streaming on DIRECTV, AMC Plus. It is also possible to buy “Pontypool” on Apple iTunes as download or rent it on Apple iTunes online.

Is Pontypool gory?

A woman continuously hits her head into a booth window until her face is very bloody. A woman vomits blood all over a window. There is a lot of talk about people being killed by zombies, but little shown.

What is the role of rhetoric in the film Pontypool?

This is exactly what we find the film, Pontypool (2008) 9, in which rhetoric is used as a way to spread the zombie virus.

Who wrote Pontypool?

Tony Burgess
Pontypool is a 2008 Canadian horror film directed by Bruce McDonald and written by Tony Burgess, based on his novel Pontypool Changes Everything.

Is Pontypool on Amazon Prime?

Watch Pontypool | Prime Video.

Is Pontypool based on a book?

Pontypool Changes Everything is the second novel in the Pontypool Trilogy, by Tony Burgess, first published in 1995. It was adapted into the 2008 film Pontypool with a screenplay by Burgess and was nominated for a Genie Award for the adaptation.

What is your review of Pontypool?

Pontypool was an amazing film for a number of reasons.The story pays a respectful homage to horror greats like Night of the Living Dead and 28 Days later without ever becoming cliché. The approach to the mass “infection” was something that I never saw coming.

What is the error code for Pontypool?

Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Witty and restrained but still taut and funny, this Pontypool is a different breed of low-budget zombie film. Read critic reviews

Why is Pontypool So Scary?

Pontypool takes a very different and more effective way at trying to scare its audience. Most western horror these days seem to mainly focus on jump scares or brutal kill scenes alone. Pontypool on the other hand gives a few vague descriptions on what’s actually going on out there.

Is “Pontypool” a good zombie horror movie?

The zombie horror genre is an over-saturated one; and it takes something truly original to remind you why you loved them in the first place. “Pontypool” is such a movie.