Is LAU accredited in the US?

LAU is incorporated in the United States as a non-profit higher education institution through the New York State Education Department. In addition, LAU is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education, Inc. (NECHE).

Does LAU have law?

With an LLM from LAU, you will acquire an advanced legal knowledge in the field of business and transnational contract law. The LLM intends to support students and enable them to: Develop a deepened understanding of law in a variety of contexts.

Is there medicine in LAU?

LAU Graduate Medical Education (GME) is currently running into its 7th year. The scope of training has expanded to include 17 different specialties listed below with nearly 120 residents distributed among the various programs.

Who is the owner of Lau?

The Lebanese American University (LAU) (Arabic: الجامعة اللبنانية الأميركية‎) is a secular and private American university located in Lebanon….Lebanese American University.

الجامعة اللبنانية الأميركية
Established 1924
Endowment $533.7 million (2020)
President Michel Mawad
Provost George Nasr

Is Lebanese accredited?

Fouad Ayoub announced that the Lebanese University has obtained the Institutional Accreditation from the High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (Hcéres), an official institution recognized in France for the evaluation and accreditation of the various institutions of higher education in France.

Is there physiotherapy in Lau?

The Physical Therapy Department is a fully integrated service for inpatients and outpatients with facilities that also cater to handicapped patients. Our physical therapists are highly educated, competent, ambitious and dynamic, readily available for consultation to help you solve your problems.