Is Kimber Micro A good gun?

The Kimber Micro 9 not just looks good, but it brings great shooting experience at the range as well. The pistol feels very comfortable to fire and the accuracy seems to be really good. When shooting the gun several times to slide lock and trying to drop the magazine and reload with a second magazine.

Are kimbers good quality?

Thing about the Kimber 1911 line is that Kimber pistols tend to have a serious dollop of class in their appearance. They clean up pretty darn good. The basic Two Tone line is a very handsome lineup of pistols indeed, and that continues all the way through to their custom shop guns.

What is the smallest Kimber pistol?

Ultra RCP™ II
Yonkers, New York — December 15, 2014 — The Ultra RCP™ II (LG), the smallest and most specialized . 45 ACP concealed carry pistol ever offered by Kimber®, now features Rosewood Crimson Trace Lasergrips.

Are Kimber revolvers good?

The Kimber is heavy enough to mitigate some recoil and light enough to carry anywhere. Most of the lightweight revolvers are five-shot; the K6 series of revolvers hold six. The Kimber K6S is capable of outstanding accuracy. Everyone that shot also noted that it was confortable to shoot during extended sessions.

How big is a Kimber Micro?

The Kimber Micro 9 has a 3.15-inch barrel, standing 4.01 inches tall, 6.1 inches long and 1.06 inches wide at the slide. Unloaded it weighs 15.6 ounces without the magazine. There are two Kimber Micro 9 magazine models available, a 6-round flush fit and 7-round Micro 9 extended magazine with a larger baseplate.

How bad is recoil on Kimber micro 9?

But not totally wrong. On its website, Kimber touts the “mild recoil” of the Micro 9. Frankly, “mild” is not the world I would choose to describe the experience, but it is definitely manageable.

What is kimkimber’s micro advocate?

Kimber’s Micro Advocate has the same features as the rest of the Micro line, plus it comes with an extended seven-round magazine and beveled G10 grips in two-tone black and purple or black and brown (shown). For better handling, the aluminum frame has a high undercut triggerguard, an extended beavertail and a finely checkered mainspring housing.

Does the micro advocate produce tight groups?

No matter which load the author used, the Micro Advocate produced tight groups. A Kimber .380 is more than a .380 ACP semi-auto; it is built to the same standards as Kimber’s 9mm, 10mm and .45 ACP 1911-style pistols.

Is the Kimber Micro a good handgun?

The Kimber Micro is a nicely executed ultracompact handgun with rough surfaces where you need them for purchase and metal edges gently rounded where they might develop blisters over a lengthy training session. The bottom edge of the slide was a tad sharp, but it didn’t contact my hand during the 150 rounds or so I fired.

What kind of sights does a micro advocate have?

The Micro Advocate is two-tone with a smooth, matte silver frame and a matte black steel slide fitted with fixed, three-dot tritium night sights, making this model an excellent choice as a 24/7 carry gun. No matter which load the author used, the Micro Advocate produced tight groups.