Is HBAO better than HDAO?

HDAO is more subtle than SSAO and HBAO. It’s probably the most accurate, because there’s much less incorrect darkening. Choosing HDAO over SSAO or HBAO results in a small framerate drop on AMD cards, and a significant one on Nvidia cards.

What is SSR EFT?

SSR (Screen Space Reflections) – SImilarly you don’t need SSR on and will save on some processing power. Anisotropic Filtering – This affects how sharp the games textures look at a distance.

Should I enable ambient occlusion?

You would want to use ambient occlusion because it shows subtle variations in lighting and helps your eyes detect surface details that would otherwise be washed out or unnoticeable. Ambient occlusion is great for softening the overall lighting in your scene if it’s too bright.

What does Z Blur do?

Z-blur – This setting blurs your image whilst turning your head or running. Having it on reduces some of the clarity of your image.

Is tarkov CPU based?

Escape from Tarkov is a CPU-intensive game, so you can expect to boost your performance by freeing up CPU resources or upgrading your processor. GPU requirements usually list one or multiple GPUs but not in this case.

Why is ambient occlusion so expensive?

Screen space ambient occlusion is very expensive since for a single point, on average, dozens of ray-tracings in different directions are required in order to determine which directions are available for light penetration into this point and which are not.

Does ambient occlusion increase fps?

I can switch between SSAO, HBAO, and HDAO on Blood Dragon, for example, and see no real difference. And additionally, there seems to be a significant drop in performance – sometimes the difference between 60 and 45 FPS – if I use the different types of AO.

What is Vsync gaming?

What does Vsync do? Vsync synchronizes your game’s frame rate with your monitor’s refresh rate. This means that if you have a 60Hz monitor, then your game will be capped at 60 frames per second (fps).