Is Cartridge World a good franchise?

Award Winning Reputation For over 20 years, Cartridge World’s exceptional commitment to franchise owners has led to outstanding achievements at the store and corporate level. Franchisees benefit from award-winning infrastructure, products and support to expand their business with contemporary office printing solutions.

Is Cartridge World a franchise?

Franchise Description: Cartridge World USA, LLC (CW USA) is the franchisor. The franchisor currently holds the right to operate franchised businesses using the marks and the system for the establishment and operation of master and unit Cartridge World franchises in the United States.

Who owns Cartridgeworld?

Suzhou Goldengreen Technologies Ltd.
In June 2015, Cartridge World was acquired by Suzhou Goldengreen Technologies Ltd. In June 2016, Cartridge World Global CEO, Steve Weedon, announced a strategic partnership with Samsung, to offer mobile print and scanning services worldwide.

How many Cartridge World stores are there?

600 stores
600 stores in 30 countries.

What is Cartridge franchise?

A Cartridge World franchise is an opportunity to become self employed by utilising the expertise that comes from buying into not only an established system but also a brand name that is recognised worldwide.

Does Cartridge World refill cartridges?

We refill all major brands including HP, Dell, Lexmark, Brother, Epson, and more, but at a fraction of the cost of buying new! Cartridge World refills inkjet cartridges for most home or small business printers.

Who started Cartridge World?

Bryan Stokes
1988. Cartridge World, originally named Australian Cartridge Company, was founded in Adelaide, Australia by Bryan Stokes.

Does Cartridge World buy empty cartridges?

Cartridge World and Environmental Office Solutions have joined forces to roll out a new recycling program just in time for Earth Day, which allows customers and businesses to easily dispose of empty ink or toner cartridges.

Are Cartridge World cartridges good?

Cartridge World Output Quality Falls Short As with most third-party inks I’ve tested, Cartridge World’s output quality was good enough for everyday printing, but not on a par with the quality I saw from OEM ink. HP’s ink, for instance, produced grayscale photos with crisper and more realistic textures.

Does Cartridge World refill toner?

With over 20 years experience and 1,700 stores worldwide, Cartridge World is the world leader in refilling and re-manufacturing of ink and toner printer cartridges. We also re-manufacture laser/toner cartridges for larger office printers, copiers, and fax machines.

Who invented the cartridge?

In 1847 a Paris gunsmith, B. Houllier, patented the first cartridge, capable of being fired by the blow of the gun’s hammer. In one type, a pin was driven into the cartridge by the hammer action; in the other, a primer charge of fulminate of mercury was exploded in the cartridge rim.