How to take backup of vio Server?

You can back up the Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) and user-defined virtual devices using the backupios command or the viosbr command. You can also use IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager to schedule backups and to store backups on another server.

What is the use of VIO server in AIX?

Virtual I/O (VIO) server is a virtualization technology by IBM. A Virtual I/O server is a logical partition (LPAR) that runs a trimmed-down version of the AIX operating system. Virtual I/O servers have APV support, which allows sharing of physical I/O resources between virtual I/O clients.

How do I update VIO server?

Follow the below steps to update the VIO Server.

  1. Take the configuration backup and mksysb or alternate disk back.
  2. Break the rootvg mirror and take the clone for quick rollback.
  3. Remove the all interim fixes and commit the filesets in current version.
  4. Mount the packages downloaded NFS filesystem.

How do I check my VIO OS version?

How can I find out which Android OS version is on my device?

  1. Open your device’s Settings.
  2. Tap About Phone or About Device.
  3. Tap Android Version to display your version information.

How do I assign a disk from VIO to LPAR?

Enter a virtual target name that the VIO server associates with the hard disk. Enter the ID of the LPAR client adapter that you want to use for the new disk. Select the name of the VIOS to which you want to add the adapter for the new disk. Enter the adapter ID that you want to use on the VIOS for the new disk.

What is called VIO server?

VIO: VIO is a Virtual I/O server which can be used to Virtualize resources on a Physical POWER Machine. VIO server supports creation of Virtual Networks, Virtual SCSI(disks/storage), NPIV(Again Storage) etc.

What is the latest version of Vios?

VIOS 2.2. 6.61 – The latest VIOS 2.2. 6 version is ALWAYS the RECOMMENDED version to upgrade to get to 3.1.

What is Vscsi in AIX?

Virtual SCSI is based on a client/server relationship. The Virtual I/O Server owns the physical resources and acts as server or, in SCSI terms, target device. The client logical partitions access the virtual SCSI backing storage devices provided by the Virtual I/O Server as clients.

What does Vio stand for?


Acronym Definition
VIO Video Input Output
VIO Virtual Input Output
VIO Vehicle Inspection Officer (Nigeria)
VIO Virtual Input/Output (MVS access method)

How to back up an existing Vio server?

You can also back up an already existing VIO Server and a nim_resources.tar package is created. The contents of this nim_resources.tar package can be stored on the NIM master for installations to new VIO servers, and also for the recovery of VIO servers using NIM.

How do I download a base ISO image of Aix?

AIX base ISO images can be obtained by contacting Entitled Software Support (ESS) at 1-800-879-2755 option 2, option 2. The representatives should be able to verify entitlement and guide customers on how to download the ISO image. Once the AIX ISO image has been downloaded, the image can be stored in the /home/padmin directory of the VIO server.

How do I install Aix with VML?

PERFORMING NEW AIX INSTALL WITH VML: Step 1: Obtain AIX base ISO image from ESS and store on the VIO server. AIX base ISO images can be obtained by contacting Entitled Software Support (ESS) at 1-800-879-2755 option 2, option 2.

Can I use AIX LPP_source spot to install a Vio server?

A SPOT created from an AIX lpp_source is not a valid SPOT to use when installing a VIO server. Essentially the SPOT is a /usr filesystem just like the one on your NIM master. You can think of it as having multiple “mini-systems” on your NIM master, because each SPOT is its own /usr filesystem.