How much is the cost of dialysis in Kenya?

Cost of Dialysis Kenya The treatment costs between Sh7,500 and Sh9,000 per session at private hospitals.

Is dialysis equipment expensive?

Dialysis is expensive…. around $30,000 per year.

How much does dialysis cost?

The average costs per patient year were $88,585 for hospital hemodialysis, $55,593 for self-care hemodialysis, $44,790 for CAPD, and $32,570 for home hemodialysis.

Does NHIF cover dialysis?

Did you know that NHIF covers RENAL DIALYSIS? It caters for HAEMODIALYIS for the needed care plan per visit for a maximum of two sessions per week. The Renal dialysis through Inpatient or Outpatient is offered at KES 9,500 per session.

How much does a kidney transplant cost in Kenya?

With Sh300,000, a person can do a kidney transplant at Kenyatta compared to over Sh1. 5 million in India. This cost is higher if the patient travels with the donor, personal doctor and family members.

Which is best dialysis machine?

5 best dialysis machines in INDIA in January, 2022:-

  • Nipro Surplus Dialysis Machine.
  • Fresenius Multifiltrate CRRT Dialysis Machine.
  • Nipro Diamax Dialysis Machine.
  • Fresenius 5008S Dialysis Machine.
  • B BRAUN Diapact CRRT Dialysis Machine.

How big is the home dialysis machine?

Size: 33.5 inches tall, 19 inches deep x 17.5 inches wide. The console weighs 195lb, but requires only 12 lb.

How much is dialysis monthly?

A study published in Health Affairs[1] showed that the average U.S. patient pays $114 for dialysis-related drug costs and about $10 in dialysis costs per month.

Why is dialysis so expensive?

Dialysis centers justify high charges to commercially insured patients because they say they make little or no money on the rates paid for their Medicare patients, who — under the 1973 rule — make up the bulk of their clientele.

How much does NHIF cover dialysis?

NHIF members are entitled to two weekly sessions of dialysis that each costs Sh9,500, pushing total annual payment per patient to an average of Sh960,000.

Which hospital in Kenya does kidney transplant?

Kenyatta National Hospital
Kenyans can now cancel trips to India or South Africa for kidney surgeries, and instead head to Kenyatta National Hospital where doctors have transplanted 14 kidneys in less than a year.