How much is real deal pizza at debonairs?

Debonairs Pizza (Official) – Your fave Real Deal flavours are back! Choose from 3 delicious flavours, from just R21.

What is a real deal pizza debonairs?

diced tomato, onion, Debonairs sauce, mozzarella & spring onion. C. MEATY CRAMMED-CRUST®: The crust crammed with chicken cheese grillers. & the pizza topped with tomato & herb pizza sauce, pepperoni, bacon, BBQ. sauce & mozzarella.

How much is debonairs delivery fee?

The majority of Debonairs Pizza restaurants offer Free delivery.

Are pizzas overpriced?

Yes, pizza is highly priced in India by all foreign brands . The cost of making 25–30 rupees including all but they sell it at more than 100 rupees.

How does the debonairs app work?

You can now order and pay for your favourite pizza through the official Debonairs Pizza app. Find your nearest restaurant, choose from our range of pizzas, subs & sides, customise your order and checkout. Use this app to order from Debonairs Pizza restaurants in South Africa.

How much is a real deal pizza at Debonairs?

Yes, that’s right! You get 2x large Real Deal pizzas for only R129.90 at Debonairs Pizza. Plus, you can choose from 6 delicious flavours.

How much is Debonairs Pizza Cram-Decker?

Choose from six amazing flavours, spicy chicken, … P 120.90 The Debonairs Pizza Cram-Decker™. Three layers of pizza and a crust crammed with a cheese griller. … Available in chicken or meaty. P 159.90 + Real toppings, Real cheese, Real Taste, Real value. Choose from six new flavours.

What pizzas are in the Debonairs epic garlic range?

Get a pizza delivery now – place your order on the Debonairs Pizza app or website. What pizzas are in the Epic Garlic Range? You can choose from four delicious flavours: Garlic Bacon & Jalapeño, Garlic Chicken & Pine, Garlic Meaty Supreme and Garlic Mushroom & Olive. It also comes in a Halaal option. What’s the Cheese & Garlic Focaccia?

Should I wear gloves at Debonairs Pizza?

Wearing gloves creates a false sense of security and has potential to lead to staff relaxing the strict hygiene standards we uphold at Debonairs Pizza• The person wearing the gloves cannot feel dirt or greasiness on their gloves, which means that they change gloves less often than they would wash dirty hands.•