How much does it cost to hire a Moke on Magnetic Island?

Magnetic Island is well known for its fun, brightly-coloured hire cars that tourists cruise all over the island. Affectionately known as Barbie Cars, these tiny, topless cars are fun, quirky and a novelty that you should absolutely buy into. The cars can be rented from Tropical Topless at $80 per day.

Is Magnetic Island worth visiting?

The island is beautiful, peaceful, with some gorgeous bays; but the beaches aren’t really suitable for sunbathing unless you take all your own towels and things. Fort walk is definitely worth it, as is going and feeding the wallabies at Geoffrey bay in the evening.

How long should you spend on Magnetic Island?

How many days do you need on Magnetic Island? I recommend at least three days and two nights on Magnetic Island, but if you can stay three nights, that’s even better. There are so many beautiful beaches, trails and restaurants, plus there is a super relaxed vibe on Maggie, that you might as well take advantage of it.

What is there to do on Magnetic Island?

Top Attractions in Magnetic Island

  • Magnetic Island Forts Walk. 963.
  • Geoffrey Bay. 139.
  • Magnetic Island National Park. National Parks • Islands.
  • Arthur Bay. Bodies of Water.
  • Nelly Bay to Arcadia Trail. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Sunbus. Public Transportation Systems.
  • Balding Bay. Geologic Formations.
  • Gabul Way. Scenic Walking Areas.

Can you do Magnetic Island a day?

This beautiful island sits just 8km off the coast from Townsville and, as with so many things in Australia, is often shortened to ‘Maggie’. You could take a whole holiday over there, but if you only have one day on Magnetic Island, you won’t be disappointed. Maggie offers something for everyone.

Are there sharks at Magnetic Island?

Sharks are among the Marine Life that can be seen around Magnetic Island. Tiger Sharks are prominent around the island – and on the eastern side of the island, a nursery for Tiger Sharks is located between the island and the mainland.

What shops are on Magnetic Island?

  • Batuta Gallery. Antique Shops.
  • Horseshoe Bay Markets. Flea & Street Markets. By NolaC685.
  • Arcadia Store. Speciality & Gift Shops. Open now.
  • Magnetic Island Museum. Speciality & Gift Shops • History Museums.
  • Croc Stock and Barra. Speciality & Gift Shops. By travelbug848484.
  • Peter Lawson Gallery. Art Galleries.

How do you get around on Magnetic Island?

Transport on Magnetic Island

  1. Public Bus. The most economic and easiest way of travelling between the Island’s main hubs is by public bus Runs daily, operating between 6:00am – 10:00pm.
  2. Hire Car. If you want to explore the Island at your own pace, hiring a car is the way to go.
  3. Tour.
  4. On Foot.
  5. Bicycle.
  6. Taxi.