How much does it cost to get into Perry fair?

It costs $15 for folks ages 11 and older to get in. Children younger than 11 get in for free with a paying adult. Adults older than 60 get a senior discount — admission is only $10.

Who is playing at the Georgia National Fair?

  • Thursday, October 7 – Gary Puckett & Union Gap.
  • Friday, October 8 – Riverstreet.
  • Saturday, October 9 – Hotel California.
  • Sunday, October 10 – Southside Worship.
  • Monday, October 11 – Darryl Worley.
  • Tuesday, October 12 – Sawyer Brown.
  • Wednesday, October 13 – The Commodores.
  • Thursday, October 14 – 98 Degrees.

What is there to do at the Perry fair?

The Georgia National Fair is back in Perry….Before you make the drive into the fairgrounds, check out this list of the top things to do while you’re there.

  • Fireworks show.
  • Eudora Farms Petting Zoo.
  • The Ninja Experience.
  • Live Shark Encounter.
  • Sesame Street Live C is for Celebration.
  • Free concert series.
  • The food.
  • Livestock.

How much is it to get into the Georgia National Fair?

Ticket prices are as follows: $15 for ages 11-59, $10 for ages 60 and up, and children 10 and younger are free with a paying adult. If you want to go every day, it’ll cost you $95 and a two-day pass is $25.

How big is the Perry fair?

PERRY, Georgia — The Georgia National Fair continues to grow, 30 years after it first opened right off of Interstate 75 in Perry. The fairgrounds boasts more than 1,100-acres of rides, vendors, and shows. The grounds include several arenas for showing off livestock and agriculture.

Is the Perry fair Cancelled?

Mark your calendars! Thu Aug 13, 2020It is with heavy hearts we announce that the 2020 Georgia National Fair is cancelled.

Where is the North Georgia State Fair?

Marietta, GA
Daily Specials | North Georgia State Fair | Marietta, GA.

How many rides are at the Perry fair?

40 rides
The Georgia National Fairgrounds says there will be more than 40 rides there, from ones for the kids to adult favorites.

How much are the armbands at the Perry fair?

Where can I purchase gate admission tickets? Gate admission tickets can be purchased at the entrance to the fair or in advance online at until September 24. When are armbands available? Armbands will be available on these dates: October 7-8 and October 11-15 for $25 and October 17 for $30.

How old is the Perry fair?

The Georgia National Fair is now an 11-day fair. It was first held in 1990 with an attendance of 270,000 people. It has grown to attract an annual average of over 565,500 visitors….

Georgia National Fair
Frequency Annually
Location(s) Perry, Georgia
Years active 1990–2019, 2021–
Website Georgia National Fair

Where is the GA State fair 2021?

Atlanta Motor Speedway
The Georgia State Fair returns to Atlanta Motor Speedway in 2021, after being canceled last year. The fair will operate for ten days, opening on Friday, October 1st and running through Sunday, October 1oth, 2021.