How much does a new sprinkler timer cost?

Sprinkler System Timer Cost by Type

Type of Timer Average Costs
Manual $10 – $25
Electronic $20 – $50
Zone Timer $35 – $70
Programmable $100 – $300

How much is a sprinkler controller?

Sprinkler System Parts The controller (or timer) runs $10 to $325. These costs do not reflect the cost of labor to install them or to replace them later.

How long does a sprinkler timer last?

Each hose timer can be set to a water duration range of one minute to 240 minutes (four hours).

How much does a Rain Bird sprinkler system cost?

Rain Bird sprinkler systems cost $2,000 to $5,000 with professional installation, including a rain sensor and automated controller. A DIY Rain Bird sprinkler system kit costs $130 to $260 and supports up to six sprinkler heads.

How much is a sprinkler head?

Sprinkler Head Prices

Head Type Part Cost Replacement Cost
Pop-Up 2” $3–$4 $8–$11
Pop-Up 4”–6” $2–$5 $8–$11
Pop-Up 8”–12” $10–$12 $19–$21
Fixed $7–$11 $12–$16

Can you put a garden hose on a timer?

A hose timer is a simple device that connects directly to the hose and to the hose’s water faucet. Its position between the hose and the water source allows the hose timer to control the flow of water to the hose and to the sprinkler (if one is connected).

Where do I put my sprinkler timer?

So, you’ll need to mount your controller within 6 feet of an electrical socket. You can mount it inside or out, as long as you keep it about 15 feet from other major appliances. Choose a spot that’s out of the rain and not in direct sun.

What’s the best garden hose timer?

Top 5 Garden Hose Timers Raindrip Automatic 3-Dial Water Timer. Instapark Waterproof Digital Automatic Timer with Manual Control. Claber Evolution Digital Water Timer, Dual Outlet. Instapark Outdoor Garden Automatic Shut-Off Mechanical Water Timer. Orbit Programmable Hose Faucet Timer, Single Outlet

What is an irrigation timer?

Irrigation controllers, also known as irrigation timers or lawn sprinkler system timers, are the nerve centers or brains of the sprinkler system. Sprinkler system timers send electric signals to the irrigation valves. The valves regulate the flow of water to the sprinkler system.

What is a smart irrigation controller?

Simply stated, a smart irrigation controller or timer has built-in water saving features including a sensor to adjust to the optimal sprinkler run time based on the local weather conditions. Smart controllers help to provide a healthy, beautiful landscape while reducing water use. This not only saves water, but also reduces costs for the homeowner.

What is mechanical water timer?

Mechanical watering timers are an old-school, tried-and-tested way to water your yard more efficiently. A mechanical timer hooks directly to your faucet and works just like an egg timer in your kitchen – you twist the dial to whatever water duration you want and your faucet will shut off automatically when the timer is finished.