How much does a capital campaign consultant cost?

DIRECT COSTS OF A CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Consulting fees vary from a few hundred or thousand dollars a month up to $30,000 or more per month for full-service, on-site campaign management. Smaller campaigns ($2-5 million) generally take 12-16 months to conduct. Larger campaigns ($10 million plus) are 2-3-year investments.

How do I find a fundraising consultant?

Finding a Fundraising Consultant

  1. Asking for recommendations from peers. Ask your peers in the nonprofit sector to find out which firms have a proven track record of success.
  2. Using a search engine to build a list.
  3. Referencing a fundraising consultant directory.

Is CCS a non profit?

A great place to be in philanthropy CCS has expansive knowledge and expertise in the non-profit consulting sector. The world-class teams across the different regions are full of dedicated professionals willing to help each other and make sure our clients receive the best possible outcomes.

What goes into a capital campaign?

Capital campaigns are used to raise money for large projects, but they also cost money to prepare and launch. You’ll need to account for marketing materials, costs for events, and other fundraising expenses that may occur.

How long should a capital campaign last?

3-5 years
As a general rule, your capital campaign plan should span 3-5 years. In between campaigns, take a few years to steward donors, conduct prospect research, and build the necessary base of support to serve as a foundation for your next capital campaign.

How do you budget a capital campaign?

If your campaign is small — $2,000,000 or less, you can expect to spend 15% of the goal. If you’re raising between $3,000,000 and $5,000,000, though, expect to spend around 10% of that amount on your campaign. And if your goal is closer to $10,000,000, you can expect to spend around 4% or 5% to raise those funds.

Do I need to register as a fundraising consultant?

1. When is registration required? Registration is required before providing any fundraising counsel services to any charity: before managing, advising, counseling, consulting, or preparing materials to solicit donations for charitable purposes.

How do I find a non profit consultant?

Contact your state’s nonprofit association, which may provide consulting or referral services, as well as a list of local nonprofit consultants. Recruit volunteers who can provide the skills/services you need.

What is BWF fundraising?

BWF is an international fundraising consulting and services company headquartered in North America. For nearly 40 years, nonprofits throughout the United States and across the globe have turned to BWF to empower philanthropy for their organizations. We’re ready to do the same for you.

WHO donates to capital campaigns?

There are two main categories of organization that most regularly rely on capital campaigns: Healthcare institutions: hospitals, hospices, etc. Educational institutions: universities, private schools, independent schools, etc.

How long does a capital campaign last?