How many branches of the Iranian military are there?

The Iranian regular military, or Islamic Republic of Iran Army, consists of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces, Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force, and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force.

What are the equipment of the Iranian army?

List of equipment of the Iranian Army 1 Infantry weapons 2 Anti-tank guided missile 3 Armored Fighting Vehicles 4 Tanks 5 Other vehicles 6 Artillery 7 Surface-to-surface missiles 8 Air defence missile systems 9 Helicopters 10 Aircraft

How many T-72s tanks are there in Iran?

Iran produced and received T-72S tanks under licence from Russia from 1993-2012, received 104 T-72M1 tanks from Poland from 1994-1995 and 37 T-72M1 tanks from Belarus starting in 2000. Possible unlicensed production. As of 2021 around 1,800 in inventory including 1,500 T-72S, 150 T-72 Khorramshahr/Rakhsh, and 140 less capable T-72M/M1.

What is the Iranian copy of the Kornet?

Iranian copy of Kornet. Available as Pirooz vehicle-mounted weapon station. Based on M60 and T-72. Featuring EFCS-3 fire control system and autoloader. The Zulfiqar 3 is the latest model in the family which has been heavily modernized with advanced technologies and armaments.

Who are Iran’s IRGC and what do they do?

The IRGC was set up 40 years ago to defend the Islamic system in Iran and has become a major military, political and economic force in its own right. Despite having fewer troops than the regular army, it is considered the most authoritative military force in Iran.

How did Iran develop its cyber capabilities?

Iranian security forces began to develop their hacking abilities during the 2009 “Green Revolution” to extend domestic surveillance and control. These domestic efforts are the roots of Iran’s cyber capabilities. Iran’s trajectory shows how a medium-sized opponent willing to allocate resources can build cyber power.