How many bell towers are in South Kyrat?

17 Bell Towers
All the 17 Bell Towers are approximately equally divided across Kyrat.

How many bell towers are there in Far Cry 4?

17 Bell Towers are scattered around the Open World of Far Cry 4.

How do you get to the top of the bell tower in Far Cry 4?

Grapple the first anchor point, swing forward, then grapple the second one when the prompt appears mid-swing. Climb up the ledge to reach the tower. Once both guards, head inside the tower.

Are there towers in Far Cry 4?

There is a total of 17 towers spread all over the map of Far Cry 4; getting to the top of them would require you to, sometimes, get rid of the enemies, kill the wildlife and most of all make good use of your navigational skills among ladders, ledges, ramps, grappling points and more.

How many outposts are there in Far Cry 4?

24 Outposts
24 Outposts are scattered around the Open World of Far Cry 4. Each Outpost is manned by the Royal Army and have a variety of armaments, alarms, and difficulty.

Does Far Cry 4 have towers?

How many outposts are in far cry primal?

There are a total of 15 Far Cry Primal Outposts and liberating each one not only rants a Fast Travel Point and Reward Stash Accessibility, but also Village Population, and Village Resources, and XP – additional Stealth XP.

Where is Shanath Breeders Far Cry 4?

southern Kyrat
Shanath Breeders is an outpost within southern Kyrat in Far Cry 4 at coordinates (X:379.3,Y:537.9).

Where is Oros in Far Cry primal?

Carpathian Mountains
Like the fictional Kyrat of Far Cry 4, Primal’s Oros technically takes place in a “real” location: the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe.

How do you take Overposts in Far Cry primal?

Head in from the high road on the north side and free the Wolf inside. From there, head towards the waterfall and fire arrows to enemies that are hurting the Wolf and let the beast continue its work. Alternatively, you can jump into the water below and clear all the mess and capture the outpost.