How long has Peters Drive-in been in Calgary?

While it opened in 1962, Peters’ Drive-In is still known for its saucy burgers, really, really thick milkshakes and friendly customer service. We spoke with one of the current owners to learn more about this local burger joint. Gus Pieters moved to Calgary from the Netherlands in 1954.

Does Peters Drive-in use real fruit?

It’s pure meat, we use fresh fruit in our milkshakes and we use the best (cooking) oil in the world.

How much did Peters Drive-in sell for?

Text: The man behind Calgary’s most famous fast food establishment, Peters’ Drive-In has passed away. Gus Pieters died from a stroke Tuesday night. Pieters bought the land Peters’ Drive-In sits on in 1964 for $75,000.

Who owns Peters Drive-in Calgary?

Stephen Hayden
That’s something Stephen Hayden, the man who now owns Peters’ Drive-In with his wife Joanne Rowe, makes sure of. Today, you could say that Peters’ Drive-In is a Calgary fast food icon.

Who founded Peters drive in?

Gus Pieters
A public memorial service will be held Saturday for Gus Pieters, the founder of legendary Calgary burger joint Peters’ Drive-In. Pieters, 77, passed away on Tuesday after suffering a stroke a week before.

Who owns Peters?

R&R Ice Cream
In May 2014, the European company R&R Ice Cream bought Peters. On April 19, 2018, the transaction to create Froneri, a joint venture between the owner of R&R Ice Cream, PAI Partners and Nestlé was completed.

Is Bulla ice cream Australian owned?

Bulla Dairy Foods is an Australian dairy company that manufactures a national and export range of ice cream, table cream, yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, and imitation cream under various brands.

Who owns Norco milk Company?

About Norco Established in Byron Bay, New South Wales in 1895 Norco is a 100% Australian farmer owned dairy co-operative with 326 active members on 199 dairy farms in northern New South Wales and south east Queensland.

Is Bulla owned by Nestle?

New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra has announced binding agreements with both Nestlé Australia and Regal Cream Products (Bulla Dairy Foods) to sell its Australian ice cream business.

What happened Sunny Boy?

The Daily Juice Co announced the news in typically bleak capitalist terms: “Unfortunately, Sunnyboy has experienced a sustained reduction in consumer demand over a long period of time, making it necessary to delete the product from our range of water ice treats.”