How long does it take to renew Dubai residence visa?

How many days will it take to renew my Dubai visa? Providing your application is complete and correct at the time of submission, visa renewals usually take five business days.

How much does it cost to renew residency in UAE?

Fees & Payments

Application Entry permits Fees in AED
Residence – (New/Renew) – Work – Private Sector (URGENT – عاجل) اقامة – جديد/تجديد – عمل – القطاع الخاص أو المنطقة الحرة Urgent 715.65
Change Status (FAMILY – أسرة ) تعديل وضع Family 642.9
Change Status (COMPANY – شركة ) تعديل وضع Family 675.65

What tests are done for UAE visa renewal?

The medical test involves two parts: a blood test and a chest X-ray. These tests screen you for a range of diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B. Keep in mind that all resident expats have to undergo testing for tuberculosis during visa renewal.

How can I renew my Dubai residence visa online?

Step 1: Register and create an account using UAE PASS or log in to smart services in case of prior registration. Step 2: Choose the Residence Permit Renewal service. Step 3: Submit the application, review and update the retrieved data, and pay fees. Step 4: Submit an application to renew your ID card.

What is medical test for visa renewal?

How long does it take to cancel residence visa in Dubai?

The application process may take 1 or 2 working days. If you’re an employee, the process for cancelling your labor card may take one more working day. Keep in mind that your employer should carry out this process. So, the entire cancellation process may take up to three working days in total.

How to renew a family member’s residence visa in Dubai?

However, the employee (sponsor) will have to process the renewal of his/her family member’s residence visa. Original and photocopy of Receipt of AED 5000 Financial Security (for sponsoring sons above 18 years old) Go to a Typing Centre to fill up the visa renewal application form.

What is the penalty for late renewal of residence visa in Dubai?

Once the residence visa has expired, an applicant has 30 days to renew his/her residence visa. Late renewal entails penalty fees, as follows: AED 25 per day during the first six months, AED 50 per day if more than six months late, and AED 50 per day if more than one year late. ALSO READ: How to Sponsor a Housemaid/Nanny in Dubai, UAE

Can I renew my UAE visa earlier than 6 months?

However, if there is a need to renew it a few months earlier (one to six months) for travelling reasons, you must first take special permission and approval from the relevant General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner’s Affairs in the emirate that issued your visa.

How do I renew my Emirates ID in Dubai?

While doing the renewal online, you have to pay visa fees (Dh200 for two years and Dh300 for three) plus an additional Dh40 for the online service – so either Dh240 or Dh340 is payable as applicable. For expats, the next step is to visit a Preventive Medical Centre approved for Emirates ID medical tests.