How fast should vancomycin be infused?

Vancomycin should be infused slowly in a dilute solution (2.5 to 5.0 mg/ml) at a rate no greater than 10 mg/min and over a period not less than 60 minutes to avoid rapid infusion-related reactions.

Why is vancomycin infused slowly?

Risk factors. The main risk factor for developing red man syndrome is receiving a vancomycin infusion too quickly. To reduce the risk of developing red man syndrome, vancomycin should be administered slowly over the course of at least one hour.

How long do you administer vancomycin IV?

Vancomycin shall only be administered as slow intravenous infusion of at least one hour duration or at a maximum rate of 10 mg/min (whichever is longer) which is sufficiently diluted (at least 100 ml per 500 mg or at least 200 ml per 1000 mg) (see section 4.4).

How do you administer remifentanil?

Remifentanil can be administered at an infusion rate of 0.5 to 1 microgram/kg/min, with or without an initial bolus injection of 1 microgram/kg given slowly over not less than 30 seconds.

How do you give vancomycin injection?

Vancomycin injection comes as a powder to be added to fluid and injected intravenously (into a vein). It is usually infused (injected slowly) over a period of at least 60 minutes once every 6 or 12 hours, but may be given every 8 hours in newborn babies.

What nursing considerations are essential when giving vancomycin?

Some considerations for nurses administering vancomycin include ensuring a patent IV line, planning for administration of the preoperative dose as much as two hours before the initial incision is made, and including information about the dose and timing of preoperative vancomycin administration in the surgical time out …

Which is a possible infusion reaction if vancomycin is administered too quickly?

During or soon after rapid infusion of vancomycin, patients may develop anaphylactoid reactions, including hypotension (see Animal Pharmacology), wheezing, dyspnea, urticaria, or pruritus. Rapid infusion may also cause flushing of the upper body (“red neck”) or pain and muscle spasm of the chest and back.

What do you mix remifentanil with?

Remifentanil should be administered with a standard dose of an hypnotic agent, such as propofol, thiopentone, or isoflurane, for the induction of anaesthesia. Administering Remifentanil after an hypnotic agent will reduce the incidence of muscle rigidity.

How do you dilute vancomycin injections?

Intermittent infusion is the recommended method of administration. At the time of use, reconstitute by adding either 10 mL of Sterile Water for Injection to the 500-mg vial or 20 mL of Sterile Water for Injection to the 1-g vial of dry, sterile vancomycin powder. FURTHER DILUTION IS REQUIRED.