How fast is an AMG c63s?

The C63 S ups the performance ante with 503 horsepower and 516 lb-ft. Both engines use a nine-speed automatic with rear-wheel drive. Top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph on the regular C63 and 180 mph on the S.

Why is S63 faster than S65?

The main difference between these two is that the S63 coupe has 4matic all wheel drive, while either version of the S65 is only rear wheel drive. This means that the S65 is not going to have as much traction when accelerating, which makes a big difference in acceleration performance.

What makes the AMG S 63 so special?

From its vertical-bar grille to the hand-built biturbo engine behind it, the 603-hp AMG S 63 is a flagship coupe that was born to fly under a checkered flag. A race that knows no finish line. In an old mill in 1967, two engineers with a passion for motorsports began turning Mercedes-Benz sedans into winning racecars.

What makes the S-Class coupe so special?

But there’s more than history in every detail of an S-Class Coupe. There’s a legacy of leaping ahead in technology, style, luxury, and most of all, performance. Crafted to keep you in command. Much like its hand-built engine, the cabin of an AMG S-Class is carefully crafted to perform, endure and reward your senses.

What kind of brakes does an AMG S-class have?

An AMG S-Class is engineered to shed speed even more admirably than it accelerates. Rigid 6-piston front calipers evenly apply high braking force to compound perforated and slotted 15.4-inch front discs. Optional AMG Ceramic Composite brakes are race-proven for extreme endurance with less weight.

What is the AMG adaptive sport suspension?

The AMG Adaptive Sport Suspension is based on self-leveling, adaptive-damping AIRMATIC®. An advanced air suspension, it offers multiple modes so you can fine-tune its extraordinary capabilities to suit your desires, and to meet the demands of the road below.