How fast does a 500w electric scooter go?

Its 25 mph / 45 kmh top speed is no joke either, and it’s only a bit less than the fastest 500W scooter….1. EMove Cruiser – best 500W scooter overall, longest range, best for heavy adults, truly waterproof.

Top speed 45 kmh
Top speed 28 mph
Range 100 km
Range 62 mi
Motors single hub BLDC

What is the fastest scooter made?

Updated December 2021: the Wolf King GT is the fastest production scooter in the world….World’s Fastest Electric Scooters Ranked by 1/16th Mile (330 ft) Time.

Rank Scooter 330 ft Time
1 NAMI Burn-E 7.9 s
2 Kaabo Wolf King GT 8.0 s
3 Dualtron Thunder II 8.5 s
4 Kaabo Wolf King 8.8 s

How fast are e scooters?

How Fast Are Electric Scooters? Unagi’s Model One electric scooter has a max speed of 20 miles per hour (mph), or 25 kilometers per hour (kmh). That’s about equivalent to the maximum speed an average cyclist can pedal per hour. The fastest electric scooters on the market exceed 20 mph.

What is the fastest electric scooter in the world?

Dualtron X
A: Currently the fastest electric scooter in the world is the Dualtron X which can reach speeds of 55 mph (88.5 km/h).

What is the biggest scooter?

The largest kick scooter is 4.16 m (13 ft 7.9in) tall and 3.13 m (10 ft 3.6 in) long, and was achieved by Oliver Tree (USA) in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 19 May 2020. Oliver chose to break this record to fulfill a lifelong dream. Just the largest, but not the distance thing.

Are electric scooters illegal?

Following a surprise announcement on Monday 7 June 2021, e-scooters are now legal to use in London. The government is trialling the use of e-scooters on public roads, but only the models rented by them in the boroughs of: Ealing.