How do you write a subscript in Mathcad?

To type a subscript, use the left bracket key” [ ” and put an integer or a pair of integers in the placeholder. To insert a superscript operator, press [Ctrl]6 and place an integer in the placeholder.

What happened to Mathcad?

As of 2021, the latest release from PTC is Mathcad Prime 7.0. The last service release, Mathcad 15.0 M050, which added support for Windows 10, was released in 2017. Mathcad 15.0 is no longer actively developed but in “Sustained Support”.

How do you write subscript in smath?

To subscript a function/var after the name,type . [dot], type the subscript.

Is Mathcad 15 free?

Mathcad is the industry’s standard for engineering calculation software, enabling you to solve your most complex problems, and share your calculations with colleagues. To prepare students for the work- force, PTC Education is committed to providing access to Mathcad for free.

How do you write a complex number in Mathcad?

where x and y are real numbers, and For example, the following is a complex number: To enter this number, type 2 + 13i in a math region. Note: If the coefficient of i in a complex number is 1, you must type 1i when entering the number. Otherwise, Mathcad interprets i as an undefined variable.

How do you solve equations in Mathcad?

To Solve Equations Symbolically. Type the equation to solve using the Boolean equal to operator. Insert the symbolic evaluation operator, type the keyword solve in the placeholder, and then press Enter or click anywhere. PTC Mathcad returns symbolic solutions to the equation, if possible.

How do you subscript In MathCAD?

For someone new to Mathcad its very often a subject for confusion. In prime, btw, the literal subscript is achieved by typing “Ctrl -” a bit awkward unfortunately. But the enhancement is that in contrary to MC15 you can switch back and forth between normal and subscripted characters – especially usefull for chemists, I guess.

How do I make a chemical formula 2 In MathCAD?

Locate the “dn/dxn” symbol on the “calculus” toolbar and fill in the numbers. You can get the “2” in subscript by typing a period (“.”) before it. That will however also put the “0”on the subscript level. Mathcad was designed for mathematical, not for chemical formulae.

What is “subscript out of range error 9”?

VBA Subscript out of range error occurs because the object we are trying to access doesn’t exist. This is an error type in VBA coding, and this is a “Run Time Error 9”.