How do you write a SELECT statement in SAP ABAP?

Syntax:select * FROM

What is SELECT statement in SAP?

SELECT is the Open SQL statement for reading data from one or more database tables, classic views, or CDS entities into data objects. The statement SELECT creates either a multirow or single-row results set that is assigned to suitable ABAP data objects.

What is SELECT single * in SAP ABAP?

The ABAP-specific addition SINGLE makes the results set of a query a single row set. If the selection of the SELECT statement covers precisely one row, this row is included in the results set. If the selection of the SELECT statement covers more than one row, one of these rows is included in the results set at random.

How do I write an internal query for a selection table?

Following conditions are applied to the new syntax in an Internal table.

  1. The select statement must be prefixed with the @ character.
  2. Only one internal table as a source can be specified in the select statement.
  3. There must have an alias using AS Statement.
  4. It should not have deep structures or contains type string.

What are modularization techniques in ABAP?

The application program in ABAP can be divided into smaller units using the technique called Modularization. Modularization is a technique used to divide the application program into smaller units to maintain easily and reduce the code redundancy.

What is the difference between select single * and select upto 1 rows?

Select Single * will pickup only one matching record from the database into the buffer, and returns the same to the internal table. Select upto 1 rows will pickup all the records matching the condition into the buffer, but return the top record to the internal table.

Can we use select statement on internal table in SAP?

The SELECT statement handles the internal table of the application server like a database table on the database. The ABAP types of the columns in the internal table are mapped to suitable built-in data types in ABAP Dictionary.

What is the difference between internal table and work area?

Internal tables − Internal tables are a means of storing data in the fixed format in working memory of ABAP. The data is stored line by line. Work-Areas − Work area is basically variables used to store a single row of data.

What is the difference between Sy index and Sy Tabix?

Sy-tabix is used to find the current line in the internal table; it’s a current line index. Whereas sy-index in used to find the number of current pass in the loop statement.

Why do we use SY-Subrc in SAP ABAP?

SY-SUBRC is SAP ABAP system field and contains a return code of ABAP statements. This value is used to determine the status of the execution of an ABAP statement. If SY-SUBRC is 0, the ABAP statement has been executed successfully. If the value is different from 0, than the statement has raised an error or warning.

How do you use select * in SAP ABAP?

Using Select * in SAP ABAP. Select * is a statement which is used to read whole data from a database table. Declare internal table: DATA : IT_VBAK TYPE TABLE OF VBAK. Use select to read data: SELECT * FROM VBAK INTO TABLE IT_VBAK .

How do I get specific number of Records in SAP ABAP?

BY using Select Up To query we will get the specific no of records from a data base table, it will get records from starting (begining). Syntax:select * FROM INTO TABLE UP TO rows. Get specific number of rows (records) from a database table in SAP ABAP.

How to get specific number of rows from a table in SAP?

Get specific number of rows (records) from a database table in SAP ABAP. data : it_mara type TABLE OF mara. select * FROM mara INTO TABLE it_mara UP TO 50 rows. Select Distinct is used to get distinct (unique) values of a particular column in SAP ABAP. Syntax: SELECT DISTINCT FROM INTO TABLE .

How to select all fields of a sap database table?

*Select all fields of a SAP database table into in itab SELECT * FROM ekko INTO TABLE it_ekko.