How do you check if a company is registered with SSM?

Conducting an SSM company name search can be done in 7 simple steps:

  1. Visit to
  2. Click on the icon stating “Register”
  3. Fill in the “Registration Form”, then submit.
  4. Log in with your username & password.
  5. Under Company & Business Information, click “Search”
  6. Enter your desired company name in the box “By Name”

How do I find my SSM number?

Login to SSM Online System

  1. Visit to
  2. Click on the icon stating “Register as e-Account Member!”
  3. Fill in the “e-Registration Form”, then submit.
  4. You will receive a message “Please login now”
  5. Login with your user name & password.
  6. Once successful login, click on the icon “>> Search”

What is the purpose of SSM?

The main purpose of SSM is to serve as an agency to incorporate companies and register businesses as well as to provide company and business information to the public. The commission launched SSM e-Info Services to allow information on companies and businesses obtainable via its website.

How do I renew my ESD Employment Pass?


  1. All Renewal applications must submit latest 3 months payslip, income tax file number & e-BE latest tax filing submission.
  2. Please ensure before submission that the applicant has a passport validity of at least 6 months; and.

How do I find a company’s registration number?

Your Company Registration Number (CRN) is unique to your limited company or LLP. You can find it on your certificate of incorporation and any official documentation received from Companies House. Your CRN is also displayed on the public register of companies, which can be accessed online via Companies House Service.

How can I retrieve my SSM certificate?

The certificate is available in two versions, Malay and English which can be accessed through SSM e-Info portal at or MYDATA-SSM portal at with the following fees: No. 1. 2.

What is full name SSM?

SSM Full Form is Simple Software Manager Term. Definition. Category. SSM. Simple Software Manager.

What is the full meaning of SSM?

Acronym. Definition. SSM. Single Supervisory Mechanism (EU)

How long does it take to renew employment pass Malaysia?

This process will take approximately five (5) working days and we do not encourage the applicant to travel during this period as it may interrupt the endorsement process.