How do you beat the revenant in Dragon Age Origins?

Move the rogue out of range of the Aura of Weakness and the mages in a semicircle around the Revenant. Use stoppers like Cone of Cold (which is why the semicircle is best), Glyph of Paralysis and Petrify to pin the Revenant down while everyone else shoots at him either with bows, staves, Arcane Bolt or Lightning.

What is the best bow in Dragon Age Origins?


The Sorrow”s of Arlathan The best bow in the game, available after you finish The Witch Hunt DLC.
Far Song Has two rune slots and also provides the largest bonus to damage out of all daggers
Falon”Din”s Reach Has rapid aim bonus. Can be found in Brecilian Ruins by killing a small dragon and looting its hoard

Where is Owen the blacksmith?

Redcliffe Village
Blacksmith’s Store is a store located in Redcliffe Village and owned by Owen, the blacksmith of the village.

What is the most powerful weapon in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

There is a definitive best weapon and, if you don’t have the appropriate DLC, a definitive best weapon for the vanilla game. The best weapon for all Mages in Dragon Age Inquisition is the Encore staff, which is found by completing a side quest in the Trespasser DLC where you collect a series of Halla statues.

How do I get the Longbow of the Griffon?

Acquisition. Looted from a chest in the Temple of Mythal while following the Elven Sentinel to the Well of Sorrows; see the Arbor Wilds main quest What Pride Had Wrought. Note: Requires the Inquisitor to ally with the Sentinels.

Should I stay or go Valena?

The Warden may speak to her and tell her about the tunnel; tell her to simply run; or tell her to stay in the room until it is safe. Whatever the decision, Valena will run from the castle and can be found safely at Blacksmith’s Store.

What does Valena mean?

as a girls’ name is of Latin derivation, and the name Valena means “strong, healthy”. Valena is a version of Valentina (Latin): feminine of Valentine.

What is a revenant in Dragon Age Origins?

Dragon Age: Origins. Basics. Revenants are spirits of desire or pride that possess a warrior’s remains, and thus they appear as heavily armored undead knights. As such, they are very powerful in melee combat and require careful planning to defeat.

What are all the specializations in Dragon Age 2?

Dragon Age II specializations. Main article: Classes and specializations (Dragon Age II) Assassin – Rogue. Berserker – Warrior. Blood Mage – Mage. Duelist – Rogue. Force Mage – Mage, Bethany. Reaver – Warrior. Templar – Warrior, Carver.

How do you deal with Revenant as a rogue?

For Revenants plus minions, the warrior tanks, the mages and fourth member take out the minions first before turning their attention to the Revenant, while ensuring that the tank gets adequate healing at all times. Move the rogue out of range of the Aura of Weakness and the mages in a semicircle around the Revenant.

How do you get Revenants in Brecilian Forest?

The Mage’s Treasure: Three boss-level revenants in the Brecilian Forest, one in the west and two in the east. These are summoned by triggering gravestones . Arl of Redcliffe: A lieutenant-level revenant is found in the Redcliffe Castle courtyard when The Warden breaks in to investigate.