How do I pass the CBEST reading section?

10 Helpful Test-Taking Tips for the CBEST

  1. Use the multiple choice format to your advantage.
  2. Translate.
  3. Don’t be a hero: Use scratch paper.
  4. Read the fine print.
  5. Put the passage into your own words.
  6. Make sure your answer is specific and supported.
  7. If an answer choice is half-right, then it’s all wrong.

How many questions is the reading CBEST?

50 multiple
The CBEST reading test consists of 50 multiple choice questions and focuses on two key areas: comprehension and research skills, and critical analysis and evaluation.

Is the CBEST exam hard?

Is the CBEST Math test hard? The CBEST math test is not difficult, and you can pass this test with enough study and practice.

What to expect on the reading portion of the CBEST?

The Reading portion of the CBEST exam is meant to gauge not just your reading comprehension abilities, but your critical thinking skills as well. As far as content, you can expect the majority of exam questions (60 percent) to center around reading comprehension.

How long should I study for the CBEST?

If you’re farther out of school, expect to spend 1-2 hours a day for a few weeks refreshing your content knowledge for your specific CBEST or CSET.

How long should I study for CBEST?

Do you have to take the CBEST to be a teacher?

Teacher candidates no longer have to take the California Basic Skills Test, or CBEST, or the California Subject Matter Exams for Teachers, referred to as CSET to earn a credential. The CBEST tests reading, math and writing skills and is usually taken before a student is accepted into a teacher preparation program.

What do you need to know before taking the CBEST?

A few things to keep in mind: The CBEST is meant to test your knowledge in the three subjects, not your ability to teach them. You do not have to pass all three sections in one sitting – you can use each four-hour session to complete one, two, or all three of the sections. You can take the test as many times as you need to pass. Always answer all questions.

How to register and sign-up for the CBEST?

Go to

  • Click on “Assessments”
  • Click on “California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)”
  • Click on “Reading,Mathematics,and Writing”
  • Click on “Register for CBEST”
  • You will be asked to create an account if you haven’t already.
  • You can register for either a computer-based test or a paper-based test.
  • Where can I take the CBEST?

    The California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) is a standardized test administered throughout the state of California and Oregon for individuals who want to gain credentials and teach at public schools.

    What is CBEST exam?

    CBEST Exam Overview. The exam is comprised of three subtests. The CBEST Math test includes 50 multiple choice questions which require candidates to solve problems from three major areas: estimation, measurement, and statistical principles; computation and problem solving; and numerical and graphic relationships.