How do I fix F1 error on Fisher and Paykel DishDrawer?

  1. Locate the drain-access filter panel on the bottom of the drawer.
  2. Remove the rack that sits above it.
  3. Pull up to lift the drain filter and remove it from the machine.
  4. Set the filter under the faucet to rinse it clean with cold water.
  5. Reinstall the filter and confirm that it sits flush with the bottom of the DishDrawer.

How do I fix E1 error on Fisher and Paykel dishwasher?

The error codes are displayed by flashing the lights in a particular order. Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher Dishdrawer Error Code E1 = The first 2 program indicator lights are flashing. Error Code Cause: The door is not completely closed. How To Fix: Close the door securely.

How do I reset my Fisher Paykel drawer dishwasher?

Reset Procedures for the Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher

  1. Press the power button to turn off power to the Fisher & Paykel dishwasher.
  2. Wait a few minutes and then press the power button to restore power.
  3. Turn off and unplug the dishwasher if the issue remains.
  4. Wait five minutes and restore power to the unit.

What does F1 mean on a sharp dishwasher?

Sharp Dishwasher Error Codes

Error Codes Solution
F2 The waste water in the machine cannot be discharged.
F8 Heater error
F1 Alarm is active against water overflow
FE Faulty electronic card

What does A1 mean on Fisher Paykel dishwasher?

Check for a kinked drain hose, blocked waste connection, highloop not properly installed, drain hose not routed correctly or spray arms not in place. No water supply. ( This is displayed as an A1 fault) Check water is connected and turned on. The dishwasher is beeping continuously.

How do I reset my Fisher and Paykel washing machine?

Factory Reset

  1. Turn the dial to select ‘Spin’.
  2. Touch and hold the ‘Delay Start’ ‘More’ , the ‘Delay Start’ ‘Less’ and ‘Options’ buttons together for 3 seconds will appear on the screen and the machine will beep.
  3. Your washer will now be reset to the default settings.

What does F1 mean on a Fisher and Paykel dishwasher?

Your Fisher & Paykel dishwasher might consist of one or two drawers, depending on the model you have. The company calls them DishDrawers instead of dishwashers. The F1 fault code indicates that water has filled the flood pan beneath the bottom drawer of the machine.

What does a Fisher and Paykel dishwasher look like?

Fisher & Paykel dishwashers don’t look like standard dishwashers. Instead of a vertical unit that opens by dropping a single door down and pulling out the trays for loading, Fisher & Paykel dishwashers have drawers you open. Your Fisher & Paykel dishwasher might consist of one or two drawers, depending on the model you have.

What does F1 mean on a whirlpool double drawer refrigerator?

On double-drawers, the F1 code will show on both drawers and both drain pumps will run regardless of which drawer has experienced a problem. Many people try to “solve” this issue by attempting to use a hair-dryer to blow-dry the board, as other websites suggest as a “fix” for this F1 condition.