How do I find a car inventories? and are two of the best sources to search for new car inventory, but keep in mind they don’t list EVERY single vehicle that is potentially out there, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t find the car you’re looking for.

Who owns own a car Fresno?

Ash Dalia – Owner/General manager – Own a car | LinkedIn.

Why is there no used car inventory?

The supply of used vehicles has constricted as well, in part because fewer are trading in due to the supply of new cars, experts said. The chip shortage stems from last year when automakers canceled chip orders and closed factories in March and April, assuming vehicle demand would fall during the pandemic.

Are car dealers low on inventory?

Dealership inventory is roughly a third of what it was pre-pandemic, according to research from J.D. Power and LMC Automotive. The average time for a new vehicle to sit on a dealer lot before being sold is an estimated 26 days — the first time on record below 30 days. Two years ago — pre-pandemic — it was 62 days.

Why are car dealers so low on inventory?

Thanks largely to the chip shortage, those inventory numbers have been trending downward since December 2020 and are nowhere near pre-pandemic levels. (Prices — as you might imagine — are therefore going up. The average new-car price in August 2021 is nearly 18% higher than it was in August 2020.)

Who is Vroom owned by?

Vroom is led by Paul Hennessy, who previously was chief executive and chief marketing officer of, both owned by Booking Holdings Inc. BKNG, +0.14% . Hennessy was named Vroom’s CEO in 2016.

Why do new car dealers have low inventory?

This is thanks to the combination of low interest rates, consumers flush with stimulus and tax refund monies, pent-up demand from 2020’s Covid-19 uncertainty, and a rental car market that is clamoring for new vehicles while not pumping used models into the market.